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A member of the Retired Writer squad. I mainly enjoy writing about the newest updates and releases in the FPS and open world genres, but typically branch out into many other forms of gaming and technology.
  1. Apple Unveils New Products at Annual Event

    After teasing us with what the newest Apple TV will have in store, the world-renowned brand has unveiled their latest additions to the Apple family, bringing Apple fanatics, along with novice buyers alike, two new phones to choose from, a larger iPad, and as recently reported, an upgraded Apple TV.
  2. Mafia 3 Coming To Gamescom

    After years of speculation and optimism from the fans, 2K Games has finally made an official announcement on the next installment in this mobster series.
  3. Black Ops 3 Devs Aiming for 30fps on Last-Gen Consoles Instead of 60

    With the game releasing in roughly two weeks, the developers for Black Ops 3 have unveiled a multitude of new details for the third installment of Black Ops. Now there is some unfortunate news for last gen players regarding the frame rate of the game.
  4. [UPDATED] Forza 6 Apex Brings 4K Racing to PC This Spring

    The game that has been proclaimed as one of the best racing simulators available has been Forza Motorsport 6 for just under seven months now. All while it has been exclusive to Xbox One. Now however, the new Forza 6 Apex will be tapping into the game's full potential, bringing it onto PC with an intense, 4K bang!
  5. Star Wars Battlefront Beta Coming in October

    For all of you patiently awaiting the official release of Star Wars Battlefront, you will not have to wait much longer to get your hands on some of the highly anticipated game's features. EA has just announced that there will be a beta available sometime in early October.
  6. [UPDATED] No Man's Sky Delayed Again

    Following the reports of No Man's Sky being delayed, Hello Games' founder Sean Murray has now confirmed the second delay of this game. The game itself is coming along well, but some key moments needed some more polishing to be up to the dev's high standards.
  7. Xbox One TV DVR & New Accessories Unveiled

    Being able to watch live television on your Xbox One has been available to users for some time now. However, the ability to record the shows you're watching straight to your hard drive through some sort of DVR system, was never implemented. That is going to change next year, with a new, free DVR feature.
  8. DOOM Open Beta & DLC Details Announced

    Following a successful closed beta that ended just this Sunday, the devs of DOOM have decided to announce the date for the upcoming open beta. Along with that they've also revealed that DOOM will be receiving three post-release DLC packs, and even free updates in the form of game modes and expansions to the SnapMap level editor!
  9. Certifi-Gate Android Security Vulnerability

    With the number of smartphone purchases and usage increasing every year, hackers are constantly given opportunities to access backdoors into our handheld devices. Recently, there's been a new flaw discovered among Android software that's being dubbed 'Certifi-Gate'. This blemish in the system allows hackers to gain full access of a mobile device completely unbeknownst to the owner.
  10. EA to Reveal New Information on Need for Speed at Gamescom

    EA confirmed they'll be showing off some more specifics for what their reboot will feature. This update will be relayed to everyone during EAs press conference at 12:30 this coming Wednesday.
  11. Halo 5 Multiplayer Will Not Have a Map Veto or Voting System

    Many features common to the Halo series will not be making a return in Halo 5. After reporting that the new game will no longer support split-screen, the Studio Head at 343 Industries, Josh Holmes, also told a fan that there will be "no voting or veto, just straight rotation," while answering questions on Twitter.
  12. Microsoft & Scuf Gaming Have Become Hardware Partners

    Just announced recently, Scuf has licensed its technology to Microsoft while also becoming a third party accessories partner for Xbox controllers. Wiping out any competition the two may have had, and allowing them to collectively enhance the future of game controllers.
  13. Xbox Live Architect Leaves Microsoft After Eighteen Years

    Eric Neustadter is the man with the world’s very first Xbox gamertag that was originally made in 2002, but also one of the few people that can say he’s played a major role in creating Xbox Live and shaping it into what it is today. He has recently announced his departure from the company.
  14. [UPDATED] Hideo Kojima's New Project 'Death Stranding' Revealed

    If there's any way to part with a game company as successful as Konami and still stand tall in the gaming world, Hideo Kojima sure knows how to pull it off. After his big reveal at Sony's E3 press conference last night, the world of gaming is in an even greater state of wonder as to what exactly his new project will entail.
  15. Legacy Operations Re-Imagines Dragon Valley for Battlefield 4

    It seems as though EA and DICE certainly plan to keep the original Battlefield true to its military roots by consistently releasing further patches and maps to their two-year-old military FPS. Now they are bestowing upon us a re-created version of the incredibly massive Dragon Valley map from Battlefield 2.