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A member of the Retired Writer squad. I mainly enjoy writing about the newest updates and releases in the FPS and open world genres, but typically branch out into many other forms of gaming and technology.
  1. [UPDATED] New Update to The Division Fixes Backpack Bug, Brings Forth the First Incursion

    With a fix now set in motion, Ubisoft has announced that they will also be releasing The Division’s first Incursion update along with an important fixer patch. The new update, titled ‘Falcon Lost,’ will set in motion the Season Pass content that Ubisoft has prepared for The Division across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.
  2. Community Operations DLC Coming to Battlefield 4

    Well Battlefield fans, the moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. After releasing Night Operations just one month ago, they are bestowing upon us the Community Operations DLC.
  3. Ten Backward Compatible Games Added to Xbox One This Week

    Microsoft has taken the first week of May as an opportunity to expand the backward compatible game lineup the most that they have in recent months. Come check out the new titles available to play on your Xbox One!
  4. [UPDATED] Ubisoft Reveals the First Year of Content for The Division

    Less than five days away before we can all enter, or re-enter The Dark Zone and begin raiding the hell out of every building and point of interest that we can find. What was not previously known in regards to future DLC and Gear for The Division was the fact that there will be three DLC expansion packs, and two smaller content drops.
  5. Season Pass Details Released for Rainbow Six Siege

    With its official launch coming in just a few weeks, the developers of Rainbow Six Siege have been slowly revealing more information about their new FPS. However, the Season Pass was a topic that had not yet been discussed by Ubisoft, until now.
  6. Microsoft Hosting a Giveaway of a Limited Edition 'The Division' Console

    Tom Clancy’s The Division is looking to set a new standard for RPG, and open world games alike. With March 8th looming above all the eager fans, Microsoft is now giving us all an opportunity to win a copy of The Division, along with a 500GB Limited Edition Xbox One console that features a sleek black and orange design, and even an orange controller to match.
  7. New Open World Survival Game 'Conan Exiles' Announced

    Exiled in a vast and extremely harsh environment, your main goal will simply be to survive. Build tools, weapons, and shelters from the resources you can find, and battle enemies in brutal combat. All as a means to survive, and ultimately dominate the land you're inhabiting.
  8. New Xbox One Backward Compatible Games Announced

    Since backward compatibility was launched last month with the new Xbox One experience update, owners of the Xbox One have been enjoying Xbox 360 games with all the new features they can take advantage of on their current gen console. Staying true to the promise of regular releases using this feature, sixteen new titles have been revealed for backward compatibility!
  9. Multiplayer Beta Date Revealed for Gears of War 4

    With the beta timeframe being Spring, Gears fans have been trying their best to be patient for some kind of announcement regarding the new game. Well Gearheads the time has finally come, and we now know when the multiplayer beta will be available. Come check it out!
  10. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Release Delayed Six Months

    The next entry in this cyberpunk-themed action game has been shaping up to be the best one yet. With high expectations from the fans of the series, the developers feel there is more fine-tuning that could be done before its official release.
  11. New Xbox One Experience & Backwards Compatibility Launching November 12th

    As of recently, Microsoft and the Xbox team have been collectively improving themselves in many different fashions. The new Xbox One experience and backwards compatibility are one of those upgrades, and it will be launching sooner than expected.
  12. Orion Map Removed From Halo 5 Due to Exploits

    After the multiplayer update that was released yesterday, 343 Industries has pulled Orion from the game’s rotation in order to fix all of the issues. They have also added fifteen more map/game type combinations to the rotation, along with announcing this weekend's playlist.
  13. Eight Fan-Favorite PS2 Games Will Launch on PS4 Today

    Kicking off the annual PlayStation Experience event early, the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Studios Shuhei Yoshida has made a big announcement for PlayStation owners. Backward compatibility will now be coming to PS4, starting off with eight classic PS2 games.
  14. More Details Emerge on Ghost Recon Wildlands

    With new information about Rainbow Six being randomly released to the public, more news about Ghost Recon Wildlands has now been revealed. Ubisoft’s Creative Director has announced that throughout this massive open-world, we will come across nine different environments that will put our tactical instincts to the ultimate test.
  15. Halo 5 Free DLC Adds Four New Maps, Big Team Battle & More

    With a pretty successful launch and immense amounts of positive feedback flowing in, Halo 5: Guardians has made quite a mark throughout the Xbox One community. Staying true to their promise of free post-launch content, 343 Industries has launched The Battle of Shadow and Light DLC.