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A member of the Retired Writer squad. I mainly enjoy writing about the newest updates and releases in the FPS and open world genres, but typically branch out into many other forms of gaming and technology.
  1. The Pinnacle of V Mod for GTA V Has Been Shut Down

    One of the most impressive mods/graphical overhauls that was brought to a game showed extreme potential on PC. That mod being The Pinnacle of V for GTA 5. Boasting 4K graphics and a texture overhaul, it became extremely popular in a small amount of time. Unfortunately, though, it has now been shut down due to theft of specific mods that were included in the project.
  2. The Third Wave of Xbox One Backward Compatible Games Has Arrived

    Adding to the list of over one hundred games, this third wave of backward compatible titles now bumps up that number to one hundred and thirty on the dot. Although most of them have been Arcade titles, there are still some popular classics that are gradually becoming available. Come in and check out the ten new games!
  3. New GTA 5 PC Mod Features 4K Graphics & Reworked Vehicles

    As if the completely restored PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 wasn’t graphically stunning enough, people from all over continue to amaze the modding community by creating even more fascinating mods to add into the game. The Pinnacle of V is looking to be the best one yet.
  4. Battlefield 1: The Game That Will Succeed Where Call of Duty Has Failed

    Here it is Battlefield Nation... Battlefield 1 is the next title in the franchise! Do not worry though my friends, this game will not be going the futuristic route. On the contraire, as Battlefield 1 will be heading to the past, where brutal, all-out war first began.
  5. The Complete List of Backward Compatible Games for Xbox One is Now Available

    Ever since it was officially announced, Xbox One owners have been patiently (or impatiently) awaiting the full list of games that would be available with the new backward compatibility feature. Now, the full list of 104 games has been made available to the public by the Director of Program Management for Xbox.
  6. Treyarch Permanently Bans Users From Creating Offensive Emblems in Black Ops 3

    It seems that Treyarch Studios has started cracking down on any individual person that is taking advantage of the custom emblem and paint feature to transmit some kind of offensive material or designs. Something that Treyarch has done in the past with Black Ops 1 and 2.
  7. [UPDATED] The First Black Ops 3 DLC Map Pack Has Been Announced

    Exciting news for Black Ops 3 players has come out of the first day of the PlayStation Experience event. The game will be receiving its very first DLC map pack that will include four new multiplayer maps, along with a new chapter in the Zombies saga.
  8. Microsoft Are No Longer Manufacturing Xbox 360 Consoles

    After celebrating its tenth birthday last year in November, Head of the Xbox Division for Microsoft, Phil Spencer, has now announced that the console which has helped redefine how we saw console gaming will no longer see new versions roll off the assembly line.
  9. New Details Emerge for Battlefield 1

    On the announcement day the devs were very cryptic, simply showing off the reveal trailer and answering a few questions, but only to a certain degree. Now however, while answering questions during a Twitter Q & A, Battlefield 1 Senior Producer Aleksander Grøndal has unveiled small details regarding in-game features and gameplay.
  10. One Hour of New Just Cause 3 Gameplay & Specs Unveiled

    With Rico Rodriguez making his official return in a week on December 1st, some retailers in the Middle East have shortened that timeframe and sold some copies of Just Cause 3 ahead of its scheduled release date. Therefore opening the door for important specs to be revealed.
  11. [UPDATED] Developers Announce No Man's Sky Official Release Date

    With all of the recent rumors being spread about this game and it’s possible release date, no one was really sure what to believe in terms of a release timeframe. However, after a release timeframe update back in October, the devs have now revealed an official release date for their game!
  12. The Division Beta Has Been Announced

    Following a possible leak of the beta dates, along with a new trailer for the game that came out just a few days ago, the devs at Ubisoft confirmed on Twitter today that the beta will in fact begin in two weeks time. Along with this news, Microsoft has also announced a new 1TB bundle for The Division!
  13. Ubisoft Reveals Far Cry: Primal

    Just yesterday, Ubisoft posted a live video to YouTube stating that there would be some sort of announcement "coming soon." Now, just about an hour ago they have officially announced Far Cry: Primal.
  14. The WalkCar: Transportation in a Bag

    It's not a skateboard, and it's not a Segway, it's somewhat a combination of the two. Looking to be the most compact means of getting around town, the WalkCar is thin and small enough to fit inside a tote bag.
  15. Spy Game Alekhine's Gun Release Date Moved to February

    Whether you’ve heard of this game or not, Alekhine’s Gun is shaping up to be quite an immersive take on Cold War espionage. In this game players will set out to uncover a conspiracy as a KGB assassin who turned into a double agent and is now also a CIA spy.