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A member of the Retired Writer squad. I mainly enjoy writing about the newest updates and releases in the FPS and open world genres, but typically branch out into many other forms of gaming and technology.
  1. Allison Road Cancels Kickstarter to Develop with Team 17

    Just announced yesterday, one of the most highly anticipated horror games of this year, Allison Road, has surprisingly decided to cancel its Kickstarter. However, the creators have elaborated on this announcement to say they're partnering with Team 17.
  2. Apple Unveils New Products at Annual Event

    After teasing us with what the newest Apple TV will have in store, the world-renowned brand has unveiled their latest additions to the Apple family, bringing Apple fanatics, along with novice buyers alike, two new phones to choose from, a larger iPad, and as recently reported, an upgraded Apple TV.
  3. Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India & Russia Get Release Dates

    Deciding to travel down a road they never have with Assassin’s Creed before, Ubisoft broke into the 2D gaming universe when they released Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China back on April 21st of this year. Now the final two episodes of the series have their own respective release dates, and they're within the next two months!
  4. Assetto Corsa Officially Announced for Console Release

    The Italian development studio, Kunos Simulazioni, is working alongside 505 Games to publish the upcoming racing title for current generation consoles. Kunos Simulazioni is best known for making well known racing simulators for automotive companies such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.
  5. Battlefield 1: The Game That Will Succeed Where Call of Duty Has Failed

    Here it is Battlefield Nation... Battlefield 1 is the next title in the franchise! Do not worry though my friends, this game will not be going the futuristic route. On the contraire, as Battlefield 1 will be heading to the past, where brutal, all-out war first began.
  6. Beta Available for Upcoming Stop-Motion Game SUPERHOT

    Originally just a small project put together by a group of friends back in August 2013, the idea really prospered once a prototype was released on the internet. With all the positive feedback it received, the game made it through the Steam greenlight process in one weekend.
  7. Black Ops 3 Devs Aiming for 30fps on Last-Gen Consoles Instead of 60

    With the game releasing in roughly two weeks, the developers for Black Ops 3 have unveiled a multitude of new details for the third installment of Black Ops. Now there is some unfortunate news for last gen players regarding the frame rate of the game.
  8. Bloodsport Game 'The Culling' Coming to Steam Early Access

    The Culling brings a no holds barred, king of the hill type of play to an entirely new level. Presenting sixteen players going head to head in a live broadcasted match, with each of them trying to become the sole victor. Players will have to explore the vast island to uncover different items they can craft to form brutal weapons and survive.
  9. Campaign Gameplay for Halo 5 Has Leaked

    Across the internet late last night and earlier today, never before seen footage of Halo 5 was released by someone who had exclusive access to a few of its campaign missions. Not long after this gameplay was uploaded, it was quickly removed and replaced by Microsoft across multiple gaming news websites.
  10. Certifi-Gate Android Security Vulnerability

    With the number of smartphone purchases and usage increasing every year, hackers are constantly given opportunities to access backdoors into our handheld devices. Recently, there's been a new flaw discovered among Android software that's being dubbed 'Certifi-Gate'. This blemish in the system allows hackers to gain full access of a mobile device completely unbeknownst to the owner.
  11. Classic Survival Horror Makes a Comeback in Syndrome

    The horror genre is one that has certainly seen its ups and downs over the years. But now, the developers at the small studios Camel 101 and Bigmoon Entertainment are looking to wind back the clock, and return the genre to its fundamental roots.
  12. Community Operations DLC Coming to Battlefield 4

    Well Battlefield fans, the moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. After releasing Night Operations just one month ago, they are bestowing upon us the Community Operations DLC.
  13. Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Being Remastered for PS4

    Well, I think we all knew that Shawn Layden wearing a Crash t-shirt back at the PlayStation Experience event wasn't simply to tease, or at least we all hoped it wasn't. Last night during Sony's E3 press conference, Layden confirmed that it was indeed, not just a tease or troll moment.
  14. Crytek Announces Oculus Rift Exclusive: The Climb

    Utilizing the power of their very own Cryengine and the technological upgrade that is Virtual Reality, Crytek is looking to push the boundaries of realism in gaming with their new title, The Climb. Players will get to scale real locations from around the world, as they carefully select where to grab a hold of next, in hopes that they won’t go tumbling off the rock face to their ultimate demise.
  15. Cyberpunk 2077 Will be Much Larger Than The Witcher 3

    After being announced back in 2012, CD Projekt Red has vowed to, and followed through, in keeping quiet about their monumental project Cyberpunk 2077. However, visual effects artist Jose Teixeira somewhat broke the silence, making a bold, albeit intriguing statement.