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I am a young writer who is passionate about gaming and technology. PC is my preferred platform, but I appreciate all forms of video games. I enjoy voicing my opinion in the articles I write, but also like to keep our readers informed on the latest news.
  1. The Se7enSins Limited Edition GamerCrate

    GamerCrates is a company that offers a variety of difference subscription box services and merchandise. Their iconic box, the GamerCrate, gives subscribers a box full of gaming merchandise. This time around I’ll be taking a look at the exclusive Se7enSins crate that is available for a limited time.
  2. AntLion ModMic 5 - A Truly Modular Microphone

    The AntLion ModMic 4.0 was a huge success in the gaming community due to its ability to turn any audiophile-grade headphones into a high-quality headset. In an attempt to further improve the possibilities of DIY audiophile headsets, AntLion has released an updated version of their microphone, the ModMic 5. The ModMic 5 offers a large amount of customization options over the 4.0, but does so with a slightly higher price tag. The main question when looking at the ModMic 5 is not about it’s...
  3. November's Make CoD Great Again GamerCrate

    GamerCrates is a company that offers a variety of difference subscription box services and merchandise. Their iconic box, the GamerCrate, gives subscribers a box full of gaming merchandise. This month’s crate had a theme of Make CoD Great Again. Every item in this crate is celebrating the older Call of Duty titles.
  4. Elephone's ELE Whisper - Budget-Friendly Noise-Cancelling IEMs

    Elephone’s recently released ELE Whisper IEMs are a new entry in the budget-friendly noise cancelling earbuds market. The ELE Whispers don’t offer any new features, so they must rely on their sound and build quality to make a name for themselves. While the quality is about what you would expect, there is a lot of competition in this market which makes the ELE Whisper a hard sell.
  5. GamerCrates' October Arena Crate

    GamerCrates is a company that offers a variety of difference subscription box services and merchandise. Their iconic box, the GamerCrate, gives subscribers a box full of gaming merchandise. Every month has a different theme and this month’s GamerCrate was full of arena-game themed merchandise. All of the content, with the exception of an energy drink, comes from League of Legends, Smite, or Heroes of the Storm.
  6. Is the Nintendo Switch a Gimmick?

    The long wait for the unveiling of the Nintendo NX finally ended when Nintendo put up the release trailer for the Nintendo Switch. Upon the release of the trailer, some gamers were quick to jump to conclusions and labeled the Switch as nothing more than a gimmick. In reality, when you take a look at everything the Switch has and doesn’t have, it becomes clear that the Switch is a gimmick-free console with a truly interesting concept. The only question is how well that concept can be executed.
  7. Nintendo NX Officially Announced as Nintendo Switch

    Many gaming fans have been anxiously awaiting the official unveiling of the upcoming console from Nintendo, formerly codenamed the NX. Today the wait finally ended when Nintendo uploaded a trailer that revealed the name of the console to officially be the Nintendo Switch. The trailer gives a release date of March 2017 and shows off many features of the new console.
  8. Should You Buy a 21:9 Monitor?

    Buying a 21:9 monitor right now might make sense for the early adopters of new technology, but for some users it might be worthwhile to wait for the technology to mature before buying their first UltraWide. If you’re unsure if a 21:9 monitor is right for you, the content in this article will hopefully help you decide on your purchasing decision.
  9. GamerCrates: A Gaming-Centric Subscription Box Service

    Se7enSins has partnered with GamerCrates to get our community a 5% discount on the GamerCrates website. This past month they sent us a GamerCrate to review so we know exactly how their services works and what the experience is like. This article will include a review of May’s GamerCrate and a brief rundown of how GamerCrates works.
  10. Apple Versus The U.S Government: How it Went Down and Why It's Important

    Over the past few weeks Apple has been making headlines due to their ongoing battle with the US Government. The FBI now wants to strong-arm Apple and have them break their own encryption to get evidence that might be on the work phone of a terrorist. Apple has refused to do such a thing, so this debate has been brought to the courts. In this article, I’ll lay out how everything went down, take a look at the motivations of the parties involved, and discuss why this is all so important.
  11. Fail0verflow's New Release Enables Linux on PS4

    Last December a group by the name of fail0verflow showed a demo of Linux running on a PlayStation 4. Since then, the group has been working hard to continue the progress they have been making. This past Monday they dropped a big release that enables users with the technical know-how to launch the Linux kernel on the PS4.
  12. SUPERHOT: The Most Innovative Shooter I've Played in Years

    SUPERHOT started as a small indie game jam project back in 2013. After winning the developer showcase award they shortly released the early game build to the public. Little did they know that this unique FPS would be an internet sensation. After years of anticipation, the full version of SUPERHOT has been released with new levels, new modes, and a storyline. Unsurprisingly, the game is incredibly fun to play.
  13. EA Regaining the Hearts of Gamers

    EA is one of the most infamous companies within the gaming industry. There was once a time when seeing the EA splash screen at the start of a game was the sign of a great experience. Since then, they have fallen a long way. They have been voted worst company in America multiple times and almost every gamer has been let down by them in one way or another. However, they have recently been making some moves that might be able to once again win the hearts of many gamers.
  14. American Truck Simulator - A Satisfying Truck Simulator Game

    SCS Software is a well known developer within the PC gaming community, especially with those familiar with simulators. Their most popular game, Euro Truck Simulator 2, attracted an audience much wider than the expected niche demographic. As Euro Truck Simulator grew in popularity, more and more people were waiting for a trucking simulator based in America. After years of waiting and multiple delays, SCS has finally released American Truck Simulator, and it’s everything that it should be.
  15. Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Opened With a Controversial Price Tag

    Four years ago, a small company by the name of Oculus created waves in the gaming industry with their virtual reality headset, the Rift. The company’s founder, Palmer Luckey, promised that Oculus would bring VR to the masses. After raising over two million dollars on kickstarter, being bought by facebook, and selling 2 iterations of dev kits, the first consumer version of the Rift was open for pre-order this past Tuesday. This was certainly an exciting moment for VR enthusiasts, but the high...