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  1. Are You Game? Bethesda's 2nd E3 Appearance!

    With Bethesda having such a strong showcase last year at E3, what do you think they can bring to the table this year?
  2. Pulse Reviewed

    Come one come all and check out our review of Pulse. Learn about how the game works from its mechanics to the story line itself. If you enjoy the review then it may be in your best interest to purchase the game for yourself, the only way you'll know is if you read it first.
  3. Back to the Future is Back From the Past

    Great Scott! What a momentous occasion for fans of Back to the Future. The developers of Rocket League and LittleBigPlanet 3 have added in content to celebrate "Back to the Future Day" today. Nintendo has also decided to bring an NES Classic to the Wii U to add to the excitement!
  4. Yesterday (2012)

    Yesterday is a single player point-and-click graphic adventure game developed and released in 2012 by FX Interactive and Focus Home Interactive. The story is centered around a man called John Yesterday and his investigation of a series of murders in New York. The introduction cut scene made me a little bit on edge, one of the very few ones that ever have, and although it is only about 30 seconds long, it still has that sudden impact that you don’t expect. This is in great contrast to the...
  5. The AVGN Adventures

    Be you some one that goes on the internet to view reviews of games, or someone to laugh at a video made by a Russian shooting guns, if you have spent 5 minutes browsing the wide range of retro video game reviews, then you most likely know who the Angry Video Game Nerd is. For the uninformed out there, let me fill you in. The Angry Video Game Nerd, or AVGN for short, is a character portrayed by a man named James Rolfe. This character has reviewed some of the worst games ever made, like...
  6. Lili (iOS) Review

    Game - Lili Platform - iOS Price - £2.99 Developers - BitMonster Lili is a beautifully crafted, visually stunning 3D adventure RPG styled game developed by BitMonster. The game is centered on our young protagonist in her quest to finish her school report. Before I start a little back-story. The only reason I have Lili is because of a contest I entered on Se7enSins (thank you EmoProductions) and if I hadn't won the contents then I wouldn't have got this game. However, I have and boy am...
  7. Emulation, Good or Bad?

    As we all know, it feels great to go back and play some of the older classics like Pokémon, Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound the list goes on. But, oh no the battery in the cartridge has died and the game no longer works like it used to. Because of this you decide to download an emulator and play for a bit. This poses the question of "is that a bad thing to do?" On the one hand, you just "stole" a game from a company. You got their complete game, without their permission for free. But on...