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  1. The Alpha Series M Gaming Chair Is The Real Deal

    What is it that every gamer could use and possibly doesn't even realize? A comfortable place to sit. If you are having a hard time getting comfortable while seated, then the Alpha Series M Gaming Chair may be exactly what you need!
  2. How Video Games Have Helped Me

    For years video games have been given a bad reputation, but are they truly bad for you? I'm sure they have some negative effects on us, but do those negative effects outweigh the good? Instead of looking at gaming as a waste of time, I think we should be looking at them as a curative experience for people struggling with mental disabilities.
  3. Somic G95PRO Gaming Headset Review

    Before using this headset, I was already extremely impressed with the visual aspects of it. Not just the headset itself, but it's packaging and accessories were really appealing to me. The Somic G95PRO comes in a nicely designed box with all of the accessories needed for it. However, this isn't the strong point of the visual appeal. What made this so nice was it's case, it comes with a well padded case that closes with a zipper. They were also kind enough to include a second pair of ear...
  4. So Many Me Review - Xbox One

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you met all of your personas? Interactive's game, So Many Me, lets you experience just that! While they aren't exactly your personas, they take on the role of them. So Many Me is a plat-former with an interesting twist. You can use your personalities to help you through each level, but it can be quite difficult!
  5. The End of Naruto is Near

    Naruto, I'm sure nearly everybody has heard this somewhere. Naruto is a Manga and Anime series started by Masashi Kishimoto. The first Manga volume was published in 1999 by Shueisha and the first episode aired on October 3, 2002. This series has gained quite a lot of fame over it's years and has grown to be one of the most popular anime to be animated and one of the top Manga to be written. The Manga has sold over 130 million copies in Japan alone! To many, anime isn't worth the time or is...