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  1. The Observer Review

    What would happen if you were to throw the horror aspects of SOMA, the visual beauty of Mirror's Edge, the cyberpunk aspect of the movie Ghost In The Shell, and the twists of the Matrix?
  2. My Speculations on Destiny 2

    After viewing both currently released trailers for Destiny 2, Goss34 gives us an inside look on what he has taken from the videos and his expectations for the sequel to the highly anticipated sequel to Destiny.
  3. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review

    Today, I will share my opinions on the newly released Rogue One and see how it matched up to previous movies and if it satisfied the need...
  4. Why Consoles Exclusives are Necessary

    Yes, the infamous console exclusive video game can undoubtedly be the life or death of a video game. Although, many fans don’t realize how key these exclusives are and how they are evolving into something that consumers will likely accept.
  5. How Well Did Battlefield 1 Represent World War 1?

    Today, I try to pick apart Battlefield 1 and analyze it's historical accuracy. Towards the end I will bring in research from WWI historians and their views on the video game by EA and DICE and how they think the developers did on recreating history.
  6. System Shock Remake Rakes in $1.35 Million From Kickstarter, Here's What's Being Added

    After almost a month of crowdfunding, the campaign has come to a close with System Shock being funded up to $1,350,700 by 21,625 backers. With some announcements and stretch goals, there are some treats that Night Dive Studios are giving to us for this awesome remake.
  7. The Universal Windows Platforms Degrades Quantum Break's Performace

    Quantum Break is becoming Xbox One's system seller and with it released on PC, many gamers are very excited, but there are very many disappointments to the release that make it almost unplayable, all due to Microsoft's way of way of introducing a multi-platform initiative.
  8. Trackmania Turbo Review

    After the closed beta, the advanced racing game has left many players and fans baffled, and wanting more.