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  1. Amazon Reveals Kindle Oasis

    Coming in at only 4.6 ounces with a 6” screen, the Kindle Oasis is now Amazon’s main e-reader, and packs quite the punch when compared to previous versions. The Kindle Oasis is 20% lighter and 30% thinner than previous Kindles, and comes with a few extra features along with a pretty hefty price tag.
  2. NBA 2K17: Legend Edition Announced

    Kobe Bryant, one of the most legendary players in the NBA, and one of the best players of all time has finally retired from the court as of yesterday. Nearly touching Steph Curry’s level of greatness, Kobe was equally hated and loved by many basketball fans. As one of the few players to touch the level he has, it’s only fitting that he earns his place on his very own special edition of a 2K game.
  3. PlayStation Exclusive Content In Destiny April Update Detailed

    With Destiny’s April Update coming very soon, players on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be receiving some nice new content to further enhance their gameplay. Bungie has decided to detail the upcoming PlayStation exclusive content coming in Tuesday’s update. With new challenges, quests, strikes, rewards, and more, this isn’t an update you want to miss.
  4. Telltale Games is Bringing 7 Days To Die to Consoles

    The Fun Pimps are planning to bring their popular zombie survival horror game to consoles this year with the help of Telltale Games. Originally released in December 2013 for PC, the game quickly attracted over 1.5 million PC players, all struggling to survive in what's left of a zombie apocalypse.
  5. System Software Update 3.50 Drops Today on PlayStation 4

    The next major system software update for the PlayStation 4, version 3.50 (codenamed MUSASHI), will be releasing later today. PS4 owners will soon be able to enjoy quite a few new features many gamers have been asking for since the PlayStation 3 days. Come check out what the new update holds!
  6. Two Legend of Zelda Fans Release a 3D 30th Anniversary Tribute Version of the Game

    30 years ago, one of Nintendo’s most beloved gaming series made it’s debut on the NES. Set in the fantasy land of Hyrule, The Legend of Zelda was considered by many to be one of the cornerstones for the RPG genre, and the first step for many young gamers into the world of gaming. Today, you can finally relive the original story from a brand new perspective.
  7. Turn 10 Reveals All Future Forza Titles Will Be Coming to PC

    Last month, Microsoft revealed their plans to bring their next entry into the Forza series to Windows 10 owners. Arriving sometime this Spring, Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, which is currently being developed by Turn 10 Studios aims to bring a new racing experience to PC gamers. With the recent introduction of UWP, Turn 10's plans for Forza just got a little bit bigger.
  8. Alpha Gameplay Footage and Plot Details Leak on Mass Effect: Andromeda

    As one of the most highly anticipated games of 2017, Mass Effect: Andromeda is a game shrouded in secrecy. But that is no longer the case. Earlier today, Alpha gameplay footage of what's believed to be Mass Effect: Andromeda was uploaded to Youtube. This comes shortly after an alleged EA marketing survey was revealed to have key plot details about the upcoming game.
  9. Hitman: New Contracts, Challenges, and a Brand New Episode

    The release date for Agent 47's next journey is almost here. While you wait, feel free to take on the new Escalation Contracts. These challenging missions provide users with the training they'll need to tackle Episode Two, along with building a better Agent 47.
  10. Possible Images of the Nintendo NX Controller Have Been Leaked [Updated]

    Nintendo NX, Nintendo's next venture into the gaming world, has been shrouded in mystery. There has been many rumors and speculation going around among hardcore Nintendo fans, and with devkits being given out, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to give the public what they wanted.
  11. Xbox Owners May Soon Be Able to Sell Back Their Digital Games

    Ever bought a Xbox Game you didn’t like? Refunding digital items intentionally bought has been somewhat next to impossible to do with digital game purchases. However, things may be changing on the Microsoft side of things.
  12. Mirror's Edge Catalyst: Factions and Districts

    As we get closer to the release date for Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, DICE has decided to reveal some more information about Faith's next freerunning adventure. Updating the Mirror's Edge Catalyst site, DICE has given gamers some insight on the areas they'll be able to visit in the game, along with the different factions they'll be facing off against.
  13. Valve Aims to Bring Out the True Potential of the HTC Vive While Bringing VR to All Steam Games

    It seems like virtual reality truly is the next step in gaming and everyone is trying to cut themselves a piece of the pie. PC owners will soon be able to try out a new feature Valve has announced they will be introducing to Steam.
  14. Prepare to Wreak Havoc In Catlateral Damage

    Are you a cat owner? Have you ever wanted to know what life would be like if you were a destructive little fur demon sent from the very depths of cat hell? Well if you own a PlayStation 4, Catlateral Damage may be the game you’ve been waiting for!
  15. Details and Screenshots of PlayStation 4's 3.50 System Software Update Are Revealed

    PlayStation 4 owners have a huge major update coming to the console’s system software coming very soon. Codenamed MUSASHI, version 3.50 will be released tomorrow for all PlayStation 4 owners who have been picked after signing up for the beta. Packing cool new social features, this is one update you don't want to miss.