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  1. New Rocket League June Update Details, New DLC Annoucned

    The Rocket League June update is almost here. In addition to all of the previously covered content, Psyonix has revealed additional content that will be coming to all Rocket Leauge players in the upcoming update. The June update will be packed with content, such as Dying Light themed items, a new map, fresh quick-chat commands, gameplay tweaks, and much more. If you're a fan of Rocket League, this certainly isn't an update you're going to want to miss.
  2. APB: Reloaded Launches On Xbox One, PS4 Release Coming Soon

    Developed by Reloaded Games and often considered to be PC’s free-to-play version of Grand Theft Auto, APB: Reloaded has become a fan-favorite among many PC gamers after it made its second debut in 2011. The game had a small rocky start after being initially offered to gamers as a subscription-based MMO alternative to Grand Theft Auto in 2010. After gaining popularity, the developers have decided to aim for a console release and performed a quiet Xbox One transition.
  3. Mafia III Collector's Edition Details Revealed

    Announced back in April, the contents of the Mafia III Collector's Edition have remained under speculation by fans and newcomers of the series. 2K Games has finally released details on the upcoming Collector’s Edition version of their open-world title focused around the criminal underworld of New Bordeaux.
  4. Dishonored 2, Your Burning Questions Answered

    Arkane Studios are back once again with the sequel to their 2012 hit, Dishonored. Many gamers are waiting with heavy anticipation for the game’s release, and are soaking in every last detail released on the upcoming action-adventure stealth-based game. Game Director Harvey Smith took to Youtube to give a full Q&A that answered many fans burning questions about the game, including changes that’ll be made when compared to the first Dishonored.
  5. Hitman Episode 3 Update Details

    Square Enix has finally released all of the details regarding the content coming in the Hitman Episode 3 update, including upcoming changes in the patch notes. The latest episode will come packed with new content and updated game features. Along with the new location, the update will come with a new story mission and much more.
  6. PlayStation E3 Experience 2016 Announced, Tickets Go Live Tomorrow

    E3 is coming, and with it is the 3rd annual PlayStation E3 Experience event. A time where PlayStation fans can get a taste of the full PlayStation Press Conference at E3 from the comfort of their own state. Starting on Monday, June 13th, fans in North America, Canada, and Latin America will be able to gather together and experience greatness together.
  7. Psyonix Reveals New Rocket League Map and Season 3 Info

    After making history by allowing Rocket League to become the first Xbox One game to support cross-play between Xbox One and PC players, Psyonix is back once again with more news about their latest upcoming content update for Rocket League. Coming sometime next month, players will be able to enjoy a brand new map that will be the latest addition to the game’s Rocket Labs playlist.
  8. Absolver: Slocap and Ubisoft Team Up to Create a Martial Arts Based MMO

    After flying under the radar for over a year, Indie developer Slocap has finally come out of the shadows to finally share details on their upcoming game that was a collaborative effort between Slocap and Ubisoft. Titled Absolver, the inspiration to create the game spawned from the desire to create and online action game that combined a fantasy world with martial arts.
  9. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Special Editions and New Trailer Revealed

    Revealed at E3 2015, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands made its powerful debut as the first open-world entry in the series. The game follows the Ghosts, an elite unit of the United States Special Forces that were tasked with dismantling the vast drug network Bolivia’s Santa Blanca drug cartel is using to distribute narcotics and ruin lives.
  10. The Division Conflict Update Plauged With Bugs, New Gear Sets Detailed

    The second update for Tom Clancy’s The Division has finally arrived, and along with it new details on the content that was provided in the update. Conflict, update 1.2 for The Division added a slew of new content to the game, including new weapons, gear sets, and a new raid called Clear Sky.
  11. Rumor Project Helix: Is Microsoft Finally Bringing Halo to PC?

    In a recent Kotaku report discussing the future of Microsoft consoles, an interesting rumor regarding Microsoft's efforts to further unify their consoles with PC's came up. Titled "Project Helix," this may very well signal in a new era for cross-platform gaming.
  12. Mirror's Edge Catalyst Will Arrive On EA Access, TV Show In The Works

    It’s been a jam-packed week with EA releasing bit after bit of news on their upcoming sequel to their 2008 first-person free running game, Mirror’s Edge. As the June 7th release date inches closer, EA has decided to make several announcements and releases regarding the game itself, along with another special project that's in the works.
  13. Pebble Opens a New Kickstarter, Reveals 3 New Products

    As far as smartwatches go, the Pebble has been considered by many to be the best when it comes to having a product that perfectly combines a simple design, functionality, and affordability. After the massive success of their previous ventures into smartwatch territory, it's no wonder they're back for more.
  14. Pac-Man 256 Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam

    Due to its popular success, developers Hipster Whale and 3 Sprockets have decided to ship the game out to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as soon as next month. The new version of the game will come with some new features, one of the most highly anticipated ones being a brand-new 4-player local co-op multiplayer.
  15. There Came an Echo Coming to PlayStation 4 on May 31st

    Introducing There Came an Echo, a real-time strategy game blended with a cyberpunk theme, that aims to put a unique twist on how players will control the characters in the game. Built around and advanced A.I. this game bring a fresh and surprising way for gamers to play strategy games.