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  1. Suicide Squad Is The Comic Book Movie We Needed

    Despite the mixed reviews for Suicide Squad, like any normal moviegoer I decided to go out, watch the film, and form my own opinion. To my surprise, it wasn't a bumbling heaping mess like some critics were over-exaggerating it to be. Before we begin I'd like to mention that there are some spoilers inside, so if you haven't seen the film already watch it first before reading. Thanks.
  2. SDCC 2016: Justice League and Wonder Woman Reveal Trailers

    Ladies and gentlemen, the hype train is now leaving the station! Today at the DC panel at the San Diego Comic Con event, the reveal trailers for both the upcoming Justice League movie and Wonder Woman solo movie was finally revealed. Packed with action and beautiful styalized violence, fans everywhere are going crazy with anticipation for what may certainly be next year's biggest DC hits.
  3. The Walking Dead Season 7 Comic Con Trailer

    The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer is finally here. In the new preview AMC has released for their fans, we get to see some of the upcoming events of Season 7, such as Ezekiel and the Kingdom, intense car chases, brutal walker killings, and of course, more Negan.
  4. Arrow Season 5 Detailed

    Wendy Mericle, writer and producer for Arrow, spoke with TVGuide in a recent interview and detailed some of the upcoming events in Season 5, as well as the challenges Oliver will have to face as the Green Arrow. This includes a brand new villain, issues with his team, and events from his past coming back to haunt him.
  5. SDCC 2016: Batman May Finally Be Getting a Live-Action TV Show

    With the San Diego Comic-Con event coming up, we can expect to see some major announcements from DC, and some of the networks that host their shows such as FOX and DC. Rumors have begun circulating about what’s going to be revealed at the upcoming event, and boy let me tell you, should these rumors actually come to fruition during the event, SDCC will explode from a full on nerdgasm.
  6. Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star and Rogue One Expansions Detailed

    During Europe's Star Wars Celebration, Niklas Fegreaus, Design Director at DICE stepped forward to reveal some exciting new content the development team will be gracing their fans with in the coming months. In addition to the upcoming Death Star expansion pack, DICE revealed a small Summer update will be coming, along with the title of the game's final DLC.
  7. Kid Flash Revealed For The Flash Season 3

    After being introduced to The Flash television show as Wally West, many fans wondered if Keiynan Lonsdale would ever take to the screen as Kid Flash. And after the world-changing events of the season finale, it seems like plenty of fans got their wish, myself included.
  8. The Walking Dead Chapter 156: Kings and Queens

    With the upcoming Season 7 premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead only a few weeks away, I figured some of the more hardcore Walking Dead fans can proceed ahead of everyone else and start discussing the content the show is based on, Robert Kirkman's comics. I know quite a few people who watch the show and haven't read the comics and I'll admit, I used to be one of those people. If you're a fan of the television show then trust me, you're going to want to start reading them now.
  9. Emily Wants to Play, A Paranormal Haunting Experience Coming to PlayStation 4

    Prepare for a good scare, raised hair, and an unhealthy heart rate in Emily Wants to Play, a panic-inducing horror game making its way to PlayStation 4 next month. The game won’t feature any blood or gore, which may seem like a foreign and unappealing concept to those distant to the genre, but any good horror game is based upon giving you one simple single entity: something to fear. And Emily Wants to Play does just that.
  10. Star Wars Battlefront Bespin DLC Out Now

    The long awaited Star Wars Battlefront Bespin DLC has finally been released for all players on Xbox One, and PC. Previously restricted to Season Pass holders due to early access, the DLC is now available for you to grab on the Xbox Store and Origin, while the PlayStation 4 version has yet to be released.The DLC costs a mere $14.99, and comes packed with new content. The Bespin update will come with new maps, weapons, Star Cards, and two new Heroes for you to dominate the Battlefield with.
  11. Attack on Titan Season 2 Release Date Finally Revealed

    Originally airing in April of 2013, Attack on Titan quickly became a hit for anime fans everywhere. After the end of Season 1 in September of 2013, many people were left salivating for more. As the years have gone by, we've gotten news of an official video game, which will be debuting next month, but the news we have all been waiting for is finally here.
  12. Naughty Dog Reveals Upcoming Competitive Changes to Uncharted 4

    During a recent Uncharted 4 special livestream event on Twitch, developer Naughty Dog decided to tease some of the upcoming changes and future updates the game would be receiving. Most of the changes are aimed at ranked modes and introducing new content to them, while some of the other changes are geared towards small tweaks based upon community feedback. Even after the release of the major 1.08 update which released a few days ago there is still plenty of more content Naughty Dog has...
  13. Hawken Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on July 8th

    Coming soon to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is Hawken, a free-to-play mech and team based FPS multiplayer shooter. Pending Hawken’s upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release, Producer Josh Clausen of the development team over at Adhesive Games, has decided to give gamers an in-depth look at the Hawken lore, and what drives humanity to engage in intense mech-based combat with one another.
  14. Sony Finalizes Settlement For Removing The "Other OS" feature from Fat PlayStation 3's

    If your PlayStation 3 console had it’s Linux support interrupted due to Sony’s infamous 2010 firmware update which completely removed its “Install Other OS” feature, you may be eligible for some cash. It’s been 6 years since the update was released due to Sony having strong concerns about security issues. Countless PlayStation 3 owners bought the console due to its Linux support, and to have it ripped from them left many people feeling like they got scammed.
  15. PlayStation Vue Coming to Android and Roku Devices

    Sony is giving their exclusive live TV streaming service, PlayStation Vue, an expansion today. Starting today, PlayStation Vue will be coming to Roku devices, along with another planned expansion to all Android smartphones and tablets coming next week. PlayStation Vue will be available for all Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Streaming players, and Roku TV owners. Simply download the PlayStation Vue app, log in to your account and you can start streaming with ease right away.