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  1. "Noct" Your Average Horror Game

    Noct is an upcoming survival-horror game being released on October 22, 2015. It is a 2D, top-down game in a twisted and dark environment where shadows of the ancient evil Nocturnal lurk in every crevice and behind every corner. Noct will feature online multiplayer so you can band together to fight the terrors of the wasteland, or you can betray the people you come across to ensure your own survival.
  2. "The Z" Completely Reimagines PC Gaming

    Mouse developer Swiftpoint has come out with one of the most creative and advanced gaming mouses. Their Kickstarter has now reached more than twice its goal, with supporters ecstatic to get their hands on this mouse that offers functionality in 3-dimensions instead of 2-dimensions.
  3. 100-Player Squad Available on Steam Early Access Next Month

    Squad is the spiritual successor to Project Reality, a modification for Battlefield 2 and ARMA 2. The project was recently cancelled in September, but Offworld Industries aims to bring back the 100-player modern combat back with Squad, releasing on Steam Early Access on December 15.
  4. Rumor A New Xbox One Might Be on the Way

    A screenshot was shared on the NeoGAF forums from Chinese social media site Weibo and users went to work translating it. The notes describe it as the "second generation" of the Xbox One and some of the hardware specifications are also shown in the leaked image. FCC filings also show that Xbox is working on hardware tests.
  5. A SkeleTON of Fun: Undertale Review

    Undertale is an RPG developed mostly by one person named Toby Fox. In my 5 hours of play-time, I can honestly say that no other game has made me laugh as hard or cry as much as this game. If you haven't experienced this game, you should do so immediately.
  6. Alienation Release Date Confirmed

    Housemarque, the developers behind games like Dead Nation and Resogun, took to Twitter to confirm the release date of their upcoming game, Alienation. The top-down action shooter game was first shown at Sony's Gamescom press conference in 2014, with the release date being only hinted at until now.
  7. Among the Sleep PS4 Release Date Updated

    Fans of horror games will know of Among the Sleep and its eventual port from PC to home consoles. As of a few hours ago, developer Krillbite Studio has announced that the game will be coming earlier than they originally announced so for some, the long wait for the game is almost over.
  8. Are MMORPGs Really Dead?

    Gamers across the world observe that the MMORPG isn't just going to die, but that it already is. Once World of Warcraft's dated gameplay catches up to it, what will happen to the one booming and competitive genre of gaming? Are MMORPGs awaiting their death sentence? Let's look at what we know and find out.
  9. Autumn and Winter Steam Sales Unveiled, Flash Sales Missing

    Steam enthusiasts who benefited from flash and daily sales will find that they will no longer see these sales on the market which could start as early as the Autumn Sale at the end of this month. Valve plans to focus more on longer sale periods for holidays and other events in lieu of flash sales.
  10. Become a Legend Next April in Total War: Warhammer

    Total War has been a defining series of strategy games that allows players to build armies and conquer worlds on a massive scale. Developer The Creative Assembly must have learned a lot from this, because Total War: Warhammer is shaping up to be a dominating force in the fantasy strategy game genre.
  11. Bethesda Game Studios Continue to Sour Relations with Fallout Modders

    A recent comparison between the quest "Brain Dead" in Fallout 4's first expansion Far Harbor and Autumn Leaves, a mod for Fallout: New Vegas, may indicate that Bethesda Game Studios is perhaps a little too inspired by their modding community. After the and plagiarism fiasco, it would seem that Bethesda has still got a ways to go before they mend relations with modders.
  12. Bethesda Softworks Has Lost Their Minds and Fans

    In a somber and bitter goodbye letter to a once-beloved game developer, I recall Bethesda's fall from grace before and after the release of Fallout 4. From their treatment of the modding community, to the constant paid re-releases, to the latest paid mods failure, it's past time to say goodbye to yet another developer that's given into greed. See you later, Vault Boy.
  13. Black Desert Online Is the Most Fun I've Had in Years In an MMO

    The highly acclaimed Black Desert Online released on Steam just last week and is what I wished every MMORPG I've played in the past several years was. From its visceral, intense PvE and PvP combat, to its rewarding trading and economics, and even the beautiful sights along the way, there's no other game I'd recommend to people for the summer.
  14. Blade & Soul "Rising Waters" Arriving February 10

    Blade & Soul was recently localized and released in North America and Europe, and the queue times for people to get in and play have been extremely high. Keeping up with this momentum, NCSOFT and the localization team have announceded an update to add more PvE content, as well as marking the start of the PvP Preseason.
  15. Blade & Soul "Unchained" Content Update on March 2

    The long-awaited Warlock class as well as the notorious Naryu Labyrinth are coming up in Blade & Soul's latest content update. Also coming up is an expansion to the recently released Mushin's Tower, where the eighth floor holding a fight between the player and Mushin himself will go down.