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Dito has written two crime novels, an ungodly number of technical documents, and even an original Wikipedia entry. He lives in Chicago, where they know how to properly do pizza, hot dogs, and electric blues. Besides gaming, his hobbies include graphic design, making electronic music, and collecting cables.
  1. 7S Partner Green Man Gaming Begins Selling PS4 Codes

    Se7enSins Gaming partner Green Man Gaming has begun selling PS4 purchase codes at discounted prices. The deals begin around 5% and help support our community!
  2. Review: XCOM 2 - Tactical Alien Combat At Its Finest

    XCOM 2, formerly a PC exclusive, is now out on PS4 and Xbox One. This great game can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your living room.
  3. Gears Of War 4 File Sizes Enormous – Start Downloading Now

    Gears Of War 4 is a whopping 55GB on Xbox One. If you've pre-ordered, you can begin downloading the game now. That's a lot of data, so you might want to consider it.
  4. Battlefield 1 Story Trailer - The Great War as a Game

    The Great War as a game, and you're on the front lines. Are you ready to head into the meat grinder? Here's the campaign trailer for Battlefield 1.
  5. Forza Horizon 3: Play Today with the Ultimate Edition

    Purchasing Forza Horizon 3's Ultimate Edition ($100) will let you race right now; no need to wait until next week. If you've got the extra $40 to spend, you can start the engines immediately.
  6. October Games With Gold

    Baseball, off-road racing, prison breaks, and post-apocalyptic survival. October's free offerings have something for almost everybody.
  7. Batman: The Telltale Series, Chapter 2

    The second installment in the Batman series from Telltale Games is at least as good as the first, possibly better. Note: this review does NOT contain any spoilers for either episode.
  8. First Trailer for Gears of War 4 Shows Old Marcus, Hardcore Gameplay

    Here's your first look at Gears Of War 4, showing Marcus Fenix 25 years after his last battle. But new enemies The Swarm have emerged to interrupt his retirement. His son and friends have to take up the fight. Ready your Lancer Rifles - here's the trailer.
  9. Dead Rising’s Frank West Goes Back to the Mall in New Trailer

    Frank West, back in Willamette Mall, neck-deep in zombies all over again. Who says there's no going back?
  10. Sony President “Super Happy” with No Man’s Sky sales; Criticizes PR

    Sony's president is mildly unhappy with No Man's Sky's pre-release PR, but is perfectly happy with the sales figures. And since there's a no-refund policy in place, he's got nothing to worry about.
  11. Battlefield 1 Beta Draws 13 Million Players, Sets New Record

    The open beta for Battlefield 1 drew a remarkable number of players, eclipsing EA's previous record of 9 million players. They've compiled lots of statistics about how players chose to play, and how well their choices worked out.
  12. Grab Battlefield 4 Freebies While You Can

    As part of the marketing for Battlefield 1, all the Battlefield 4 DLC is temporarily free. There are also bonus objectives for each DLC set, during which you can earn a nice upgrade. Free is always good, so jump on this while you can.
  13. New Dishonored 2 Trailer: Corvo in Action

    A new trailer for Dishonored 2 shows Corvo Attano getting into character and battling an otherworldly threat. Stealth and stabbings are on full display.
  14. Bethesda Abandons Fallout 4 Mods, Blames Sony

    In a brief statement this morning, Bethesda Softworks confirmed what many PS4 players had been dreading: mods will not be coming to Fallout 4 after all. And they've directly blamed Sony.
  15. Why Half-Life 2 is the Greatest FPS Ever Made

    Half-Life 2 is the best single-player shooter ever made. Twelve years old and still better than anything else available. Tight gameplay, gorgeous design, and not a hint of multiplayer. Become Gordon Freeman and enjoy one of the best experiences in modern gaming.