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  1. Battlefield Hardline now delayed until 2015.

    Despite what EA has said time after time, Battlefield Hardline will not be coming out on October 21st, but instead has been pushed back into a later date sometime during 2015. While it is still unclear as to what day, or even month of the year it will be released, one thing can be for certain; EA has been slacking a lot. In addition to Battlefield Hardline being delayed, Dragon Age: Inquisition has been pushed to November 21st. It looks as if EA has bit off a little more than they can...
  2. Dying Light: The Following's Map Is Being Released in a Unique Way

    Long gone are the days of simple map releases for new games/expansions. Techland has upped the playing field by going a step above and including the community in the ability to choose how much of the map is released.
  3. Fable Legends Pricing for Microtransactions Revealed

    Lionhead Studios newest addition to their Fable series will be free. Though Fable Legends will be free, they plan to keep the game afloat through in-game microtransactions, which has worked for a variety of other games.
  4. Freedom Planet 2 Confirmed for Late 2017

    Relatively unknown game company GalaxyTrail is making a new addition to their small list of games. Freedom planet, released in 2014, was an instant hit. GalaxyTrails plans on following up with Freedom Planet 2. There will be an open beta mid 2017. It will be similar to its predecessor in that it will be similar to old-school Sega Genesis games.
  5. GiAnt: An Ant Game That's Sweeping the Internet

    As problems arose with an old game, Ant Simulator, company Wreck Tangle Games steps in and delivers a promising alpha demo for their new game, GiAnt, something they have dubbed an "AntVenture."
  6. Halo Championship Series Receives Changes Including $100,000 Final Prize

    For those of you who are in the blue about what the Halo Championship Series is, I'm here to bring you up to speed. Many players of Halo: Master Chief Collection had asked 343 Industries if there were any ways to make money playing the game. There is a series that goes on that is hosted by 343 industries along with ESL and Twitch that allows players, amateur or pro, to compete in the Halo Championship Series. Previous to now, the final prize for winning the series was only $50,000, but it...
  7. Hidden features of Pokemon Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire!

    With Alpha Sapphire and Ruby Omega Coming out soon, a Pokemon Remake of the classic Sapphire and Ruby that we all grew up with and loved, comes new leaks. Such leaks such as personal secret bases that players around the world can interact with (with your permission, of course). Having secret bases gives ideas for special games, and what do you know, there is a secret game! Visiting other peoples bases that isn't in your own group has flags beside computers, which can be stolen and returned...
  8. Hidden features of Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Pt. 2!

    While we get closer and closer to the remake of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, we begin to see more interesting details and information of the game that are leaked. I will be following these updates and keep you all informed with the newest and coolest things in the game which some may never get to see. With all these new leaks will come new homepage articles about them informing you all. I hope this will keep you up to date on all the new good news. What I have for you is...
  9. Mario Maker Delayed Until Later in 2015

    With the Wii-U having been out for awhile now, you would think that Nintendo would be prioritizing 1st releases, especially ones as interesting as Mario Maker. This doesn't seem to be the case, however, as several games that were originally set to release in early 2015 have now been set to later in 2015. When Mario Maker was first shown at E3 in 2014, the release date was set to sometime in the first half of 2015. It seemed like it might have been the most anticipated game to come to the...
  10. Rumor Microsoft Attempts Monopolization of Modern PC Gaming

    With the recent addition of UWP, the monopolization of the modern pc gaming community may become a reality. The pros and cons of having a monopoly of the pc gaming community will be reviewed.
  11. New Atari Vault Steam Bundle to Include 100 Classic Arcade Games

    As new gaming technology comes out, new gaming trends are bound to pop up. Check in and read about the needy push in retro gaming made by Atari.
  12. New Guitar Hero Coming to Next Gen

    Whether you were a pro or just an amateur, chances are you have played or seen Guitar Hero once in your life. The game, published by Red Octane and Harmonix in 2005, was a huge hit. It was by far one of my favorite childhood memories gaming wise, as it was the only video game out at the time in which you had a physical guitar to play notes on. Being that popular doesn't go unnoticed, as other companies soon realized the hit game and were quick to release spin offs, the most popular being...
  13. New information about Halo 5 released!

    As we get closer and closer to the major gaming event E3, more gaming news gets released on major gaming websites. Just recently the popular magazine "Game Informer" included tons of information about the upcoming Halo title as well as the game's campaign. In the older games, the co-op campaign was the main attraction considering it did not require Xbox Live to play split screen. In an interview with 343 industries, that was believed to be held true. However, hours ago, 343 industries...
  14. Play classic arcade games on the go with R-kaid-R

    A Swedish craftsman has created what most of us used as a child, but made it portable! He has done what was never thought of, and impossible back then, and made the classic arcade system and made it fit in a wooden box. He calls it the "R-Kade-R" and it includes an 8" screen, a built in mono speaker, 9 face buttons, and even an 8 way joystick that screws in! If that wasn't enough, it fits in a wooden box that's a bit bigger than a book! I know what you're thinking, "I HAVE TO BUY THIS!"....
  15. Possible Gaming Controller For iPhone

    Just recently, Appleinsider informed people that there was a patent filed by Apple that allowed users to play apps on iOS without having to use up on-screen space for buttons. This is extremely exciting for anyone who's played games with movements and buttons on screen and know how annoying it is to cover up half of the screen with your fingers trying to move around. That is what this controller is going to combat. Since the patent only mentioned the connection between hand held and...