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    Se7enSins 14th Year Anniversary!

    Today we celebrate the 14 year mark since the creation of Se7enSins. With each passing year, our family of sinners grows, and with that growth brings new and more information that helps shape us as a community! For this, we are going to have a couple of contests with some awesome giveaways!
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    Viotek GN27D Review

    Viotek is a company that focusing on gamers, bringing high quality products at an affordable price. Today I'll be reviewing the Viotek GN27D, their 27" curved 1440p gaming monitor.
  3. Se7enSins + XLink Kai Community Halo 2 Tournament

    Se7enSins and the XLink H2 community are teaming up to bring an updated, newly constructed XLink Kai definitive Halo 2 [modded] mappack tournament to all the old school (and maybe some of you new school) players! Every map in the mappack that will be hosted has been obsessively handpicked by our resident Halo 2 connoisseurs to ensure ALL the maps are System Link Compatible, ALL are fan favorites, and 16 additional maps to feature Halo 3 weapons.
  4. FPS Energy™ Giveaway - A Revolutionary New Gaming Supplement

    We are proud to announce that Neogenics is partnering with Se7enSins, and we are kicking off that partnership by giving away 7 bottles of FPS Energy™ exclusively to Se7enSins members!