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Attack on Titan Season 2 Release Date Finally Revealed


Originally airing in April of 2013, Attack on Titan quickly became a hit for anime fans everywhere. After the end of Season 1 in September of 2013, many people were left salivating for more, myself included. Desperate to know what happens after what was a fantastic season finale, I quickly turned to the Attack on Titan manga to learn more. I usually heavily prefer mangas over anime, but Attack on Titan was something special. The animation was beautiful and perfectly captured the overwhelming fear of those among the ranks of the 104th Training Corps and their allies as they were faced with inordinate strength and size on both the Colossus Titan and the Female Titan. There was just something special I loved about the show and how it portrayed the simple fact that those who you grew up around, trained with, and formed lifelong bonds with could be turned into a mere red splatter in a split second.

As time progressed from 2013, there was a sprinkle of rumors here and there about the release date for Attack on Titan Season 2, but nothing official. My hunger turned to starvation, and as a year went by with no results I eventually brought my hype train into its final station and moved on. Earlier this year, as I’m sure most of you already know, an Attack on Titan video game that was based upon the events that took place in Season 1 was released in Japan, with the games North America debut happening next month for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PC. Trust me, as a fan, I find nothing is more exciting than finally being able to actually get a hands-on feel as to what it’s like to use 3D-Maneuver gear, and I will most certainly be picking up a copy. But the news you and I have been waiting for lies ahead. At a recent Attack Festival live-reading event at the Tokyo International Forum, the cast of Attack on Titan have officially confirmed that Season 2 will be coming in 2017, which was later backed up the official Attack on Titan Twitter account.

Along with the confirmed release year, a new website has been put up displaying some cool art showcasing what will clearly be some of the events in Season 2. The art showcases Eren in his titan form, preparing to do battle with the Colossal Titan, something many fans were itching for in Season 1. I for one cannot wait for 2017 to get here, this is personally one of my favorite anime series and I’ll be sure to be there when the first episode premieres.

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