Koei Tecmo confirms platforms for Attack on Titan sequel in the West

Attack on Titan 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One in North America and Europe, publisher Koei Tecmo confirmed this week. The sequel to Omega Force’s 2016 adaptation of Attack on Titan will focus on the anime’s second season, with a bit more story for hardcore fans.

According to producer Hisashi Koinuma and Omega Force manager Hideo Suzuki, Attack on Titan 2 will build on the foundation of its popular predecessor, while providing more of a challenge and more terrifying titans for players.

“Because we really focused on the anime fans, the difficulty level [for Attack on Titan] was a little easier than what traditional game fans are used to,” Koinuma told Polygon during an interview at Tokyo Game Show. “The threatening menace of the titans wasn’t as strong, so for the second game we’re currently working on that.

“With the first one we really focused on the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear movement, making that fun and easy to operate, so the focus on the titans wasn’t really the key factor. In terms of making the titans scarier, it’s really the AI themselves, giving them a lot more variation to add that element of fear and to make it more like the original comic. You don’t know when the titans will attack, you’re constantly in this state of fear.”

Suzuki said the Attack on Titan 2 team is working to provide a number of difficulty options for players, so fans who enjoyed the easier action of the first game won’t feel left behind.

Anime fans who are already intimately familiar with the characters and story of the show’s second season will have some extra narrative to look forward to in Attack on Titan 2, Koinuma and Suzuki said.

“The game story will follow season 2 but it’s more like we did with the first game,” Suzuki said. “We had a bit of original story after the anime season ended. Characters will have side stories. We’ve worked with the original manga creator and publishing company Kodansha; they’ve been supervising the content. We’re not diverging too far from the original character settings.”

“We have the camp where you can have conversations with the characters and learn more about the story,” Koinuma added. “Conversations that don’t appear in the anime or the comic will be included, so fans familiar with the anime and manga will see something new they haven’t seen before.”

Source: Polygon