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Assassins Creed to be Skipping 2016


A few of you may recall that I wrote an article a little over a month ago on how rumors about Assassins Creed potentially skipping over 2016 for its next big release began to circulate. If you want to read that article then please click here. This article isn't about that, but instead, Ubisoft has actually gone on and confirmed that there will not be another major Assassins Creed title being released in 2016, instead they'll look to release it in 2017.

As mentioned earlier, this comes after rumours of this exact scenario began to fly around the internet, seemingly originating from a developer over at Ubisoft. Those same rumours also claimed that this game would serve as more of a prequel to the other titles, and that this game would be set in Egypt, which would definitely be a first for this series.

Rumours aside for now, let's talk about more information that we're certain about. Ubisoft have claimed that this is not a permanent move to a bi-annual schedule, rather that this is an isolated case and every game which comes up into question after this will also be treated as such. You shouldn't let this phase you, as there is a plethora of Assassins Creed content scheduled to be released this year including a movie. A new Watch Dogs title may also hit shelves according to Ubisoft, you can read more about that here. What do you think? Is this a step in the right direction? Leave your thoughts below!

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