Artix Entertainment Launches Kickstarter to Fund Cross Platform MMO

Well known indie developer Artix Entertainment has launched their first crowd sourcing campaign in an attempt to fund a cross platform mmo named...
  1. Night
    Popular indie developer Artix Entertainment recently decided to try a different approach to fund their newest project, a cross-platform MMO they've dubbed Adventure Quest 3D, a game modeled after the well-known browser based game Adventure Quest. They've decided to try using Kickstarter, a popular crowd-funding website where companies can set up a page to receive donations for a product, in exchange for tier based rewards for donors. The game is slated to be released sometime in July of 2016, but that will only happen if the Kickstarter campaign reaches its goal within the next twenty-two days. Considering it's already at over 75% of its goal, that seems very likely.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the original game, Adventure Quest is a turn based game with tons of quests, monsters and loot. But, its main focus is on classes. At the beginning of the game you pick from your three basic classes which are warrior, mage, and rogue. Then as the game progresses you will gain access to tons of sub-classes and specializations, such as the legendary Dracomancer, a fearsome wizard with the ability to shapeshift into a dragon! While we may or may not see every class from Adventure Quest in Adventure Quest 3D, there are a few confirmed classes thanks to the rewards page on the Kickstarter. Those classes are the Guardian class, Alpha Pirate Class, Paladin class, Necromancer class, Ninja class and the Dragonslayer class.


    What makes this game so exciting is that it's cross-platform, and they've already got it working. So far the only platforms included are PC and mobile, in the forms of a browser based game and a mobile app. However, the developers have announced that they would like to expand to Steam and consoles at some point in the future. Picture this, you're on your phone soloing a quest when you come across a boss you just cannot beat, with a few simple clicks you invite your friend who's on the PC version and he's instantly by your side. Now it's time to vanquish that boss!

    There is currently an alpha testing version of the game available to any player who has ever bought any upgrade in any of the developers many different titles over their long 13-year history of making games. They are building the iOS and Android versions of the game right alongside the PC version, so each time they release new content it is being tested on all three platforms. They're even adding support for Oculus Rift VR!

    The main objective of the Kickstarter is to raise money to add more details to the game world. Developer Artix Entertainment has already informed us that the cross-platform feature works, but admitted that right now the game is lacking in content because of their focus on making it work. If the Kickstarter is successful we will no doubt see hours upon hours of quests and gameplay, as per the usual in any of the indie developers games, and we will possibly even see Steam and consoles added to the cross-platform functionality.

    As always there are many different rewards for pledging to their campaign, ranging from just getting updates and early access all the way to coming out to the studio and developing your own quest! If you're interested in checking these rewards out and possibly donating, click here.


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  1. Vexx
    We reached our goal on Kickstarter AND got Greenlit on Steam today! Thanks to everyone who helped support AQ3D and thanks again for writing up this article on the homepage, Silent Night!
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    1. Night
      No problem, I'm glad to see members are interested!
  2. 3xTiNcT
    The name sounds like an old game I use to play.
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    2. 3xTiNcT
      Was it ever on PC?
    3. Night
      Yeah so far it's only been on PC. It's a browser game.
    4. 3xTiNcT
      Oh wow, yeah that's probably the game I'm thinking of the.
  3. Syrus
    This is awesome!!!
    I used to play Dragon Fable all the time when I was younger
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    2. Syrus
      YES!! haha thats what I got for my birthday one year was the amulet lmao
      I think dragon fable was the first computer game I started modding too! but yeah that game was the **** back
    3. Night
      Yeah dude the very first "mod" I ever did was a trainer for DF, turned myself into a Dragon, crashed the game and never used it again because I was afraid I'd get banned or something lmfao.
    4. Syrus
      Yeah I used some xp trainer and leveled up like an extra 30 levels lmao!
      But those were some good days
  4. Homework
    Yeah the weapons still look like crayons made of paper.
  5. TheItalianLad
    I used to play this game a lot when I was 8 and was fun back then.

    But tbh it looks pretty ******. It looks like an mmorpg game for 10 year olds. Imma stick with Guild Wars 2. :wink:
    1. Night
      It's not rated M and you won't find any crazy sex scenes or language or anything like that but the games are still fun as hell. Don't knock it until you try it m8.
  6. Feyfolken
    I looked at this awhile back and from the screenshots, it just looked outdated and like it wouldn't be good. I hope I'm wrong, I grew up with AQ, DF, and eventually AQW, so I would like to see them succeed with this, too.
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    2. Vexx
      If I remember correctly our goal is for the game to be playable on an iPhone 4s at the very oldest generation (unsure of a comparable Android generation, sorry). So with the hardware of an aged mobile device it really puts a limitation on just how advanced the graphics can get.
    3. Vexx
      With those two things in mind though the way I see it is it's also a good thing in terms of content updates. Typically with AE titles it's not uncommon to see an update every week for years after a game's release (that's the case for just about every AE game so far), so with a limitation in graphics it'll probably allow for much quicker updates than if the graphics were far more advanced.
    4. Vexx
      Hey again, popping back in to confirm with you that higher definition graphics are being considered for the web/steam builds so it's definitely a possibility. Assuming it does end up happening, hopefully then the graphics will be on par with what you'd like to see!
  7. Zotox
    I still play aqw, So this will just be awesome.
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  8. Vexx
    Surprised but glad to see AdventureQuest 3D mentioned on here! I've actually been doing QA for AQ3D for almost a year now and I was strongly debating whether or not to post something about it since I wasn't sure anyone here would be interested.

    Anyways, as a long time Artix Entertainment fan I'm really looking forward to this game's future. If anyone finds the game interesting and is new to AE games/and or skeptical about the game, don't be afraid to check in on the game later down the line as it'll be a free-to-play game at launch (on all platforms) and you can even try it out sooner than that once Open Beta launches. If your interest is particularly peaked however, as mentioned in the article you can even make a small purchase on any other AE game and that'll grant you access to the game's current Alpha phase.

    Hope to meet some sinners in-game someday!
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    1. Night
      I purchased the 120$ package just so I could get all the classes and stuff lol. I was worried when writing this that there might not be too many AE fans here, but it looks like that was unfounded. We will have to add each other when it releases!
  9. Absim
    Quite excited, I was a huge fan of Adventure Quest and Dragon Fable although Dragon Fable was my favourite. I even bought Guardianship and Dragon Amulet. I have high hopes for this.
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  10. televisedfool
    An adventure quest mmo? Sign me up! :biggrin: I really hope they get funded and get this thing off the ground.
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    1. Night
      Peep the Kickstarter, they're well on their way! I will say I preferred Dragon Fable more, but I'm happy with another AQ title, especially one as promising as this!