Modifications and user created content is nothing new. Doom had a vibrant environment for creative users as early as 1993. Rates of major modifications are however growing bigger every year. The game studio, Bohemia Interactive, aim to take advantage of this. They have seen the value of external content before, as the zombie sandbox DayZ exploded in popularity last year.


The Czechs are now tempting modders worldwide with prize money, no less than €500,000/$690,000 if they can give the war simulator ARMA III added value. According to the website, there will be 4 categories in this competition: total modification, single player game mode, multiplayer game mode and a smaller category for add-ons. Contestants have until October 2014 to finish their submission, and the winners will be announced in January 2015.


If you win the first category, you can walk away with €200,000 / $275,000 and possibly a contract with the game studio; depending on how awesome your work is. First, second and third place in the other categories are rewarded with €50,000 / $69,000, €30,000 / $41,000 and €20,000 / $27,000 retrospectively. There will also be a reward in co-operation with the International Committee of the Red Cross, for the entry that best covers the theme “Health Care in Danger”. The winners get a week’s trip to an ICRC mission abroad, organized by the ICRC.


Are you looking forward to the release of these submissions, or maybe you will have a go at it yourself? What do you think about this contest?