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Are You Game? Bethesda's 2nd E3 Appearance!

With Bethesda having such a strong showcase last year at E3, what do you think they can bring to the table this year?
  1. Knowledge

    All the way back in 2015, Bethesda took to the spotlight at E3 and put on a show that both excited and enthralled the avid fans that joined them. With them showing off a wide range of things, from the revival of an old classic in Doom, to a brand new free to play MOBA/Shooter in Battlecry, they certainly provided a wonderful bundle of joy for anyone with an interest in video games. But now, a year later, they're coming back with what seems to be even more amazing announcements and information.

    On the 1st of Feb, Bethesda tweeted out a little reminder for us to "Save the date" to watch them step into the limelight once again. The graphic that they tweeted out is hopefully a little preview of what's in store for us with there being characters from Doom, Skyrim, Fallout, and Wolfenstein (alongside a few other characters that I'm not too sure about).

    Due to the number of different proverbial pies Bethesda have their thumbs in, there is a chance that this year's E3 is going to be a huge success just like Bethesda's E3 showcase last year. Hopefully there will be a few updates on content for the games mentioned last year and maybe even a few new IP's to spark a few new flames into the gaming world.

    Bethesda's Twitter Page

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  1. Sage602
    Their 1st appearance on E3 was amazing with them throwing games like DOOM, Fallout 4, and Dishonored 2. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! Cant wait to see what they are bringing to the table this time.
  2. Ind0sliverclub
    Also think more information on that Elder Scrolls Card game that's coming for mobile etc.
  3. Master
    **** is about to hit the fan. Hopefully this hype is well placed.
  4. Inxlinx
    I'm hoping for a Quake reboot like what Bethesda is doing with DOOM
      Ind0sliverclub likes this.
  5. Ind0sliverclub
    Please info on Creation Kit and a release day of or day or two after.

    :fingers crossed:

  6. Yeehawlerz101
    from first to last (right to left)
    Skyrim, Fallout, ?, Brink?, DOOM, ?, ?, ?.
    1. Red58
      Pretty sure second to last is Dishonored and the one right before it Wolfenstein maybe?
    2. The Jolly Roger
      third one in line is the "the keeper" from the evil within.
  7. _ _
    This is very interesting.
  8. 3xTiNcT
    Interested to see what comes of this.
  9. Red58
    I think lube sales are about to increase
  10. televisedfool
    Going to be another awesome E3 :biggrin: