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Apple unveils the new iPad Air.


Today in San Francisco, Apple held a launch event for the many new and exciting products hitting the market this year. Along with OS X Mavericks, Apple unveiled their new iPad mini, Mac Book Pro and iPad Air.

The iPad Air will be the latest and greatest tablet made by Apple once it hits the shelves on November 1st, 2013. As most readers can guess from the name, this iPad will be significantly lighter than previous models, having the weight of only one pound. Greatly accompanying this low weight, the iPad Air also features a bezel 43% smaller than the previous model and a profile that is 20% thinner, making the whole iPad Air 7.3mm thick. In addition to the physical changes the iPad Air also has a 9.7" screen, but this time it will be in Apple's stunning Retina Display.

In addition to the great cosmetic changes the iPad Air also has some great hardware specs. The iPad Air has a 64-bit architecture with more than 1 billion transistors. The iPad Air runs off of the "new" A7 processor chip and the M7 motion chip, making the iPad Air allegedly eight times faster than the 1st generation iPad and making the graphics 72 times faster.

The iPad Air also features a 5-mega-pixel iSight camera that can shoot at full 1080p. In addition to the iSight camera on the back, the iPad Air also features a front FaceTime camera that includes larger pixels and a backside-illuminated sensor allowing the picture quality to improve. Accompanying the two cameras, the iPad Air also features dual microphones for the first time.

The iPad Air will hit many countries including the US, the UK, China, and Japan on November 1st with a price tag of $499 USD.

Source: Engadget
Image Source: CBS
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