Rumor Apple to Unveil Smaller iPhone and New iPad

If you think Apple have shown everything they have up their sleeve, then you may be surprised to hear rumours about a new, smaller iPhone and a...
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    Apple seems to catch us off guard time and time again. A while back, rumours began to surface about how Apple was planning to cut out the 3.5mm headphone jack from their future iPhone products, and those rumours have only gained speed as time has gone by. Fast forward a bit and now rumours are beginning to surface about a new, smaller iPhone and a new iPad.

    These rumours claim that Apple will be holding an event on March 15th where they would officially unveil the new smaller iPhone and the new iPad. Not much information has been given to us about the actual event it self, but that's not the main point of the leak. The main point would be the new smaller iPhone. This leak claims that this new phone would be the same size as the older iPhone 5s, but with updated internals like the newer A9 chip and better cameras. The iPhone 5se, the name that this new iPhone is being given, is also said to have support for Apple Pay and taking Live Photos.

    Not much information has been given to us about the mystical iPad 3 as of now. The only information we do have is that the new iPad is supposedly set to feature new technology that was ushered in with the iPad Pro, like enhanced speakers and a Smart Connector. New Apple Watch models are also expected to be announced at this event. These models would be made up of new materials to offer a wider range of choices when shopping for the Apple watch that best suits your needs.

    What do you think? Do you think this leak is legitimate? Would you buy this smaller iPhone to save some money? Leave your thoughts below!



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