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Rumor Apple to Unveil Smaller iPhone and New iPad

If you think Apple have shown everything they have up their sleeve, then you may be surprised to hear rumours about a new, smaller iPhone and a...
  1. Crooks

    Apple seems to catch us off guard time and time again. A while back, rumours began to surface about how Apple was planning to cut out the 3.5mm headphone jack from their future iPhone products, and those rumours have only gained speed as time has gone by. Fast forward a bit and now rumours are beginning to surface about a new, smaller iPhone and a new iPad.

    These rumours claim that Apple will be holding an event on March 15th where they would officially unveil the new smaller iPhone and the new iPad. Not much information has been given to us about the actual event it self, but that's not the main point of the leak. The main point would be the new smaller iPhone. This leak claims that this new phone would be the same size as the older iPhone 5s, but with updated internals like the newer A9 chip and better cameras. The iPhone 5se, the name that this new iPhone is being given, is also said to have support for Apple Pay and taking Live Photos.

    Not much information has been given to us about the mystical iPad 3 as of now. The only information we do have is that the new iPad is supposedly set to feature new technology that was ushered in with the iPad Pro, like enhanced speakers and a Smart Connector. New Apple Watch models are also expected to be announced at this event. These models would be made up of new materials to offer a wider range of choices when shopping for the Apple watch that best suits your needs.

    What do you think? Do you think this leak is legitimate? Would you buy this smaller iPhone to save some money? Leave your thoughts below!



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  1. Tweex
    I'm a happy iPhone 6 owner but wtf Apple, a phone without headphone jack? Duuuude, music is life. :frown:

    Sure, the iPhone 6 is quite big and the 6+ is even bigger but for me, as I spend quite some time on Youtube, the 6 is just perfect. I didn't go for the 6+ tho because it was a little too big for me.

    If these rumors are true, then I don't know what to say actually. They went from small to bigger and now back to smaller, as if they're trying to tell us that the bigger models were a mistake lol.
  2. Alex
    I'm really losing faith in Apple, when they released the iPad Pro they missed an opportunity to get OSX completely mobile and put it in more peoples day to day lives. Rather than releasing a tablet boasting so much power with OSX they still ran with iOS.

    A smaller iPhone 5? My 5s is a perfectly sized device. A smaller tablet? What is the point?

    Apple u so cray
  3. Master
    First, I would like to announce that I am not an Apple fan to begin with. That being said, Apple's idea to decrease the size of the next iPhone is a good decision. I have read/heard many complaints about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus being just too large on the hands. Might I also add, many people appreciate a good case to protect such an expensive/precious piece of hardware, thus increasing the size once more. Adding a thick protective case on an already "brick like" phone will only cause more frustration to the average sized hands. I don't want an enormous phone, nor do I want one too small. I can only imagine that making the next iPhone smaller with more advanced implications will only increase their sales. Way to actually listen to the people Apple, many people will appreciate it. Moving on, the next name choice being "iPhone se", I can only hope this stays a rumor. If I were to buy a new phone, I don't want to purchase a phone that sounds like last generations. Nevertheless, thanks Crooks for keeping us updated. We appreciate it.
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  4. Zodiation
    It is good and bad because a smaller iPhone than a 6 will step back the phone features and maybe it will be chesp
  5. Reverse Flash
    If They End Up Coming Out With A Smaller iphone I Will Be Very Impressed. I Want They To Try To Make A Phone With A Type Of Indestructible Glass Even Though That Is Almost Impossible :frown: .
  6. bak0n
    Honestly I don't know how anyone could hold a gigantic iPhone 6+. The sizes are ridiculous and unnecessary so to see a smaller phone with the latest hardware would be great
  7. Isotonic
    Honestly, if they came out with a new iPhone that has all the updated hardware but at the same size as an iPhone 5, I would be happy. I currently use an iPhone 5C and I honestly feel like it's the perfect size phone that I need, considering I don't really do much on my phone.
  8. AlienFreek01
    Even smaller phones. Wow. Android life is the best life lol. (Don't hate on my opinions)
  9. SirEdwardCool
    I think that the smaller size would be great for sales to more "elderly" people as they tend to dislike larger phones. They just want something that will "make calls", although that is getting harder and harder to come by these days.

    Apple has simplicity, and with this I think they will reach their target audience.
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    2. SirEdwardCool
      Deadpool Newer androids typically don't have expandable storage nor do elderly people require that "functionality and productivity". (Although something to note, you can do the exact same things on an iPhone that you can on an android with the right software mods). But that's another flame war waiting to happen that should probably be avoided :tongue:
    3. Deadpool
      Newer Androids as in one or two? There are also plenty of phones that are fine for elderly regardless of Android or Apple.
    4. SirEdwardCool
      Deadpool I think saying only 1 or 2 newer droids is a bit far-fetched as it's an ongoing trend and has been for Android for longer than you would like to admit or realize, but im not here to start a flame war :smile:
  10. lowpro
    It's funny how they size up then down, then up, then down... I wonder what next year will be :unsure:

    Thanks for the article.