Apple Reveals Official Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and 6s

Do you find yourself lugging around a charger for your phone everyday? Does your iPhone 6 or 6s constantly run out of battery? Well Apple may have...
  1. Crooks

    15 years ago, a cellphone would have been considered an accessory, and not so much on a necessity. These days, however, your cellphone is essentially an extension of yourself, everyone has one because it has so much to offer. One common problem most of us probably run into is the sub-par battery life on most phones these days, the battery simply cannot hold out for an entire days use in most cases. To combat this, users have to either bring along a separate battery, which isn't always possible depending on the phone, they could bring along a charger or, they could purchase a special case that acts as an additional power source. In terms of the iPhone, a removable battery isn't an option and even though you could bring along a lighting cable to charge your phone, it isn't the most practical thing to do since you may be out and about all day with no power source. Apple have gone ahead and provided us with a solution for our battery woes and have revealed their Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

    If you aren't familiar with the concept of a battery case, it is essentially just a regular case that slips on over your phone, but it also connects to your micro USB or lightning port on your phone and provides power when you need it. Some cases have the ability to only begin powering the phone it's connected to when a switch or button of sorts is triggered, but in the case of the Apple Smart Battery Case, Apple hasn't integrated any way to control when the case provides battery to your phone.

    This case slips on just like any other case, as seen in video demonstrations. While most of the case is hard and not very flexible, the top portion is bendable just so that you can slide in your phone. The case also has a fairly big and significant bump taking up the entire middle portion of the case. Reviews have stated that this doesn't disrupt normal day to day use of your phone, so everything should be fine. The case has a silicone based exterior while the interior is lined with microfiber. The case is currently available in charcoal and white for $99 USD.

    How much extra juice will this case provide? Well Apple have stated that the case will extend the iPhone's battery enough to endure around 20 hours of video playback, 18 hours of internet usage on LTE or around an extra 25 hours of talk time. The Verge, another news site have stated that the case will not bring your phone all the way back up to 100% battery. The case will be charged the same way you charge your phone, simply by plugging in the lightning cable. The case will charge simultaneously alongside your iPhone and your phone will also receive an additional battery status display, to monitor how much battery life your case has left.

    It should be noted that this case is only available for the iPhone 6 and 6s, not the 6 Plus or 6s Plus. No news has been given to us regarding whether or not a case for those two phones, or any of the older iPhone's is in development. What do you think? Do you think this purchase is worth your $99? Will you be buying this? Please leave your thoughts below!


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  1. Red58
    When they release the new super slim iPhone, I could see them selling you the other half of the phone to prevent it from breaking. The leaders of innovation, ladies and gentlemen.
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    1. Reedradar
  2. Planetmaster
    So they sell you a phone for £600, the battery is rubbish. They sell you DLC for £70 to make your phone better. The battery is still rubbish, but you now have an ugly phone that will never be pretty again because of the DLC.
  3. Tweex
    $99 for a phonecase...
    1. smelly02
      By apple....
    2. Salus
      Phone case - $9
      Apple logo - $90
  4. (-_-)
    Case is ugly.
      Incorporated likes this.
  5. smelly02
    Already spent $40 on a very nice sleak otterbox case, they offer portable chargers for no more than $20 nowadays. Very good idea, but couldn't they just have put in a better battery?
  6. FlossinRod
    Buying Asap I love the idea
  7. Reedradar
    I mean like a good portable battety runs about $50 and you could buy a charget for $5-$20. Save a **** ton of money.
      Salus likes this.
  8. Deadpool
    Or just use a battery that lasts longer instead of making your customers pay for a stupid *** $120 bigger battery.

    ****ing joke of a company.
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  9. Fanfare
    Any mAh stats on the external battery?
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    2. Chazay
      Not enough to 0-100%
    3. Fanfare
      Therefore not enough to be worth more than $20.
      I'll wait for the Charger by Dre version :tongue:
    4. FatPhony
      Probably 500 mAH, You know how Apple shittens their battery.
  10. K _
    Damn iPhone batteries last as long as an Xbox One Controller.