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Apple Is Holding an Event on March 9th, Is It for the Apple Watch?


Earlier today, Apple announced that they will be holding a special event on March 9th at 10am PDT. Alongside the announcement, they launched a promotional page with a slogan that reads "Spring Forward". Now most people were able to see that the term "Spring Forward" is commonly associated with time, and time is associated with a watch which is in reference to the Apple Watch. Daylight Saving Time also begins on March 8th, which is one day before the event and it will "spring" our clocks "forward" 1 hour. All of these clever little teasers point towards the event being centered around the up and coming Apple Watch.

Apple had initially unveiled the Apple Watch at a event they held on September 9th, 2014. Prior to the announcement there was a lot of speculation as to whether or not Apple was working on a Watch. The Apple Watch was received well by consumers with most people looking forward to the launch. The Apple watch pairs with your iPhone or other iDevices and has the ability to take calls, view iMessage texts, keep track of your personal fitness, a feature that is standard these days on these types of watches and it supports a library of applications that utilize Apple Handoff. The Apple Watch is basically the perfect companion to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. The device is set to launch in 3 different models, the base Apple Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition. The Sport model is obviously tailored towards athletes and comes specially designed and engineered for use for when the consumer is going to be primarily using it during their training sessions. The Apple Watch Edition is more on the elegant side of things, with a 18k gold case and other various style adjustments.

The Apple Watch is projected to launch at a base price of around $349 USD and is expected to launch sometime this year. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple said that the Apple watch is worth both the money, and the wait. We expect to gather some more information about the Apple Watch at the upcoming event and perhaps even a definite launch date. Apple may also use the time to discuss some of their other projects such as a Beats Music Streaming Service, which would incorporate their newly bought company with some sort of audio streaming service.

What do you think? Do you think you'll purchase an Apple Watch anytime soon? What would you like to see from Apple at their event on March 9th? Leave your comments below!


Thank you zGibsonLesPaul for the topic!
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