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Apple announces new Mac and iPad lineups

On the morning of October 23rd, Tim Cook and Phil Schiller made their way onto centre-stage at the press conference held in San Jose, to unveil Apple’s latest gadgets: the redesigned iMac, the 13-inch Retina Macbook Pro, the highly anticipated iPad Mini, and a fourth generation iPad.

After disclosing some impressive iPhone 5 sales and iOS 6 upgrade rates, Apple’s CEO and Senior VP announced the arrival of the 13-inch retina display Macbook Pro. This was a huge sigh of relief for those who couldn’t quite cough up a startling $2200 (£1800) for Apple’s cheapest (I use the term loosely) 15-inch retina display marvel. The 13-inch edition boasts similar specs to the 15-inch, but for a hefty $500 (£350) cheaper. The 13-inch model sports a 2.5 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, the renowned retina display screen, 3 USB connections and up to 7 hours of built-in battery life.

After the Macbook Pro received its applause, Schiller introduced the redesigned iMac models. Like most Apple redesigns, we were shown a more slender and lighter design desktop. Squinting at the screen in agony? That’s no longer a problem as the easy-on-the-eyes display is a monumental 75% less reflective. Colours are seemingly more vibrant with improved backlight-LED technology. Of course, the graphics and processors are up-to-date with the latest quad-core Intel processors and NVIDIA’s 60% more powerful graphics processor. The new iMacs will be hitting the shelves in November, with slightly less overwhelming prices.

And last but certainly not least, came the revelation of the fourth generation iPad and its counterpart, the long-rumoured iPad Mini. The new iPad contains the faster A6x processor, retina display, and the new lightning port. However, the beefed up specs of the iPad wasn’t the highlight, more so the latter, the iPad Mini. The Mini features a body similar to the new iPods, with a resolution of 7.9”, identical to that of the iPad 2’s. Unfortunately with a size reduction, comes the power reduction, as it only features the A5 processor. However, its sleek aluminium finish and 7.2 millimetre thickness makes it a desirable product. The iPad Mini has both front and rear-end iSight cameras, and up to 10 hours of built-in battery life. Perhaps good things do come in small packages. Did I mention you could now comfortably hold this device in one hand?

Apple’s on a role with release after release; what are your thoughts on the new devices?


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