Apple Announces iPod Touch 6th Generation

Earlier today, Apple took everyone by surprise and announced the new 6th generation iPod Touch. They also unveiled new colors for the iPod Shuffle...
  1. Crooks
    Earlier today, Apple took everyone by surprise and announced the new 6th generation iPod Touch. They also unveiled new colors for the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano, but the internal components of both of those devices stayed the same. The new iPod Touch also comes in a variety of different colors, but more importantly, Apple has decided to upgrade the internal components of the iPod Touch. It is now basically equivalent to the iPhone 6 in terms of power.

    The last time the iPod Touch was revamped was nearly 3 years ago, so as you can already tell, many Apple fanatics were already anticipating this news. The iPod Touch 6th generation has improved a lot over the iPod Touch 5th generation. Some of the biggest changes would have to be the new 64-bit A8 processor, which is a huge improvement over the now-outdated A5 processor that powered the 5th generation iPod Touch. The new revamp also comes with a 8 megapixel rear facing camera compared to the 5 megapixel camera we saw in the 5th generation iPod Touch. Other changes include the integration of the M chip, which is basically the motion tracking chip used for fitness apps and a stronger WiFi receiver. The size of the screen is still 4 inches, and the overall design and look of the iPod generally remained the same.

    The iPod Touch 6th generation will be available to purchase starting today. The base model with cost you $199 with 16GB of storage space. Three other models are also available: the 32GB edition coming in at $249, 64GB edition for $299 and finally, the 128GB edition, which is only available through the Apple Store, coming in at $399. The new iPod will also come in the following colors: space gray, silver, pink, gold, blue, and much like the 5th generation iPod Touch, an exclusive red color only available through the Apple Store.

    What do you think? Were you expecting an announcement like this? Will you be buying the new iPod Touch? Leave your thoughts down below!


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  1. Soldier
    If this came out 1 year ago I probably would've bought it. But I have my own cellphone now(one that I pay for myself) and this just isn't enough. I'd rather buy an iPhone 6 then that.
  2. Pineapples
    Definietly getting one of these at release, just because I meant to get the 5th gen and forgot to :tongue:
  3. HowAmI
    Another products that has a few changes and cost 1k GG Apple
      Soldier likes this.
  4. Hamzakid
    The black bar on the back top of iPod looks wrong.

    I know it's for the wifi antenna, but it just looks weird with it there
  5. MoreDaily9
    Alright Apple. Alright..
  6. fogellplaya
    Same product as 3 years ago with a little more storage and a few new colors? Seriously does Apple even try to do something that will revolutionize their products Instead of trying to milk the same products over and over.
    1. xshot 7s
      Really? The new iPod Touch actually has an A8 proccessor.
    2. Crooks
      It's actually a really big improvement over the 5th gen
  7. 3xTiNcT
    I'll just stick with my iPhone. Where's the next iPhone news though? lol
  8. Wavy
    Last version I owned was the 4th Gen back when that first came out. The camera was so clear and high quality. Only imagine what it looks like now. But, I just use Pandora or Spotify now, and I do not play mobile games, so I don't have a need for this anymore.
  9. coolbunnymodz
    Yikes for those prices absolutely not.
  10. Master
    $300 is pretty cheap for a high gig iTouch. I might think of buying this.