Apple announced today that it was introducing a completely new and redesigned App Store as part of its iOS 11 update that comes with some major changes, including a redesigned Games section. In a demo showed off off on stage, Apple announced that App Store users would be able to watch Let’s Play videos in-app, along with new videos from developers and editors in the section. Those who use Apple Music and Apple News will be familiar with the changes that Apple is bringing to its Games section. There’s a stronger focus on videos and being able to watch in-line, instead of making users jump back and forth between pages.

One of the biggest changes coming to the Games section is the ability to purchase in-app purchases, including in-game purchases, right from the description page. Instead of having to open the game or app and navigate through a menu, players will be able to purchase specific items and updates directly through the App Store page.

Apple showed off how the new interface will look with a demo of Monument Valley 2, which is also available to play right now. Before buying the game, users can look at videos of the game and see gameplay before buying. The GIF below shows off how the game looks when played in the new iOS.

Source: Polygon