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AntLion's ModMic 4.0 - A Proper Solution to Sub-Par Gaming Microphones


Every gamer needs a good quality microphone to communicate with friends and, more importantly, teammates. Unfortunately, a lot of the microphones that are integrated into gaming headsets are really poor in quality. The ModMic 4.0 by AntLion attempts to solve this solution by bringing a high quality microphone to any pair of headphones. The ModMic 4.0 is a fairly simple idea, but it is executed much better than other solutions I have seen.

The microphone itself is actually fairly standard. It has a 3.3 meter cable ending in a 3.5mm TRS connector (which can also be used on a console provided you have the right adapter), a 175mm boom, and an optional mute button 150mm away from the boom. The mic itself is unidirectional and has a foam pop filter pre-applied. For the most part, there isn’t too much to complain about the ModMic’s physicality. If I had to complain about something, it would probably be the fact that there isn’t a proper way to manage the ModMic’s cable with your headphone cable, but for me it is not a huge issue. For a more detailed list of the technical specs you can visit AntLion’s website.

Where the ModMic starts to get really interesting is the magnetic system that allows you to use the ModMic on any headset. On the end of the mic boom there is a small circular magnet. This magnet it used to attach the mic to the included magnetic base. The base is then attached to any headset using 3M adhesive. Getting the base to stick in a good position on my K7XX’s was fairly easy, especially since AntLion included an alcohol prep-wipe used to clean the surface you are sticking it to. Once the base is applied, it sticks very well to the headphones, making it hard to accidently detach. The magnets holding the mic to the base are also very strong. I did however notice that tugging on the cable with a medium amount of force (typically happens when reaching for the mute) can cause the mic to rotate in the base. It does easily snap back into place so it is certainly not a usability issue. Regardless, accidental detachment is not a problem, yet it can still be conveniently detached with minimal effort.

Of course, one of the primary features of the ModMic is its excellent sound quality. As previously mentioned, the microphone is unidirectional. This really helps with noise-cancellation, and the ModMic 4.0 barely picks up any background noise. Unfortunately, this does mean the microphone doesn’t have as “full” of a sound compared to a omni-directional microphones (like the ModMic 2.3). Despite this, the microphone still has a great overall sound which is perfect for communicating with friends, especially if you have a noisy keyboard or game in a noisy area. It could also be used for gaming commentaires, but it may not be the best for professional uses like podcasting or radio.

If you have a nice set of headphones, or a headset with a bad microphone, then the ModMic is definitely a smart purchase. There may be cheaper solutions and there may be better sounding solutions, but the ModMic is the perfect middle ground. It is easy to use and sounds fantastic, especially considering price.

The ModMic 4.0 was sent to us for review by Massdrop. Massdrop allows you to vote on cool technology and various goods you are interested in buying. If enough people are interested in the same product, you can get the product for a price significantly lower than the MSRP.

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