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AntLion ModMic 5 - A Truly Modular Microphone

The AntLion ModMic 4.0 was a huge success in the gaming community due to its ability to turn any audiophile-grade headphones into a high-quality headset. In an attempt to further improve the possibilities of DIY audiophile headsets, AntLion has released an updated version of their microphone, the ModMic 5. The ModMic 5 offers a large amount of customization options over the 4.0, but does so with a slightly higher price tag. The main question when looking at the ModMic 5 is not about it’s quality, but more so about its value over the 4.0.

The main selling point of the ModMic 5 is its modularity. Aside from the microphone itself, the packaging includes multiple accessories that can be mixed and matched to enable a personalized feature-set. The microphone comes with two standard 3.5mm audio cables, one with a length of 1m and one that is 2m long. To help with cable management, the ModMic 5 also comes with multiple cable clips and a braided cable wrap. The clips and wrap can be used to keep the wires for the microphone and the headphones bundled together seemingly making it one cord. In addition to the cable, a mute switch module can also be attached to the microphone which allows the microphone to easily by muted by moving a slider up and down.

Once the cables and accessories are put together, the microphone can be attached to any surface using the 3M adhesive and magnetic clasp system. The 3M adhesive ensures that the base clasp does not become detached from the headphones. The magnets used to attached the mic to the base is fairly strong, so the microphone will not move around while gaming, but it is also very easy to detach the microphone and move it between different bases. Once attached, the adjustable mic boom can be bent so the mic itself is held at an optimal position.

The build quality of the ModMic 5 is a step higher than the quality of the well-built 4.0 mic. The 5’s boom is very stiff and seems to be really solid. Only time will tell how well its flexibility and firmness can remain, but based on first impressions it seems like it will last a long time. The included accessories for cable management will also definitely help with the longevity of the microphone’s cables. The ModMic comes with a sleek and sturdy carrying case, ensuring the microphone is protected when it is taken on the go.

The microphone boom has both an omnidirectional mic and a unidirectional mic. The omnidirectional mic offers the best quality, but it is not optimal in noisy environments due to the fact that it will pick up all sounds coming from every direction. The unidirectional cardioid is a good compromise for gamers in noisy environments because it will only pickup audio from directly in front of the mic. Both microphones offer a quality that is certainly high enough for gaming and they could even be suitable in amateur voice and video projects.

While the ModMic 5 offers a level of modularity unparalleled by the 4.0, it doesn’t really offer any features that can’t be had with the 4.0. Granted with the 4.0 you have to choose what you want before purchasing, but all of the options are still available in different models. This brings attention to the main reason for getting the 5 over the 4.0. If you plan on using the microphone in one situation and you see yourself gaming only in one environment, the ModMic 4 is probably the better option due to the fact it still offers great voice quality at a price point lower than the 5.0. However, if you are constantly gaming in different environments that call for different mic features, the 5.0 is a great option due to its versatility.
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