It's never a bad time to be a PC gamer for a number of reasons, but one is because games periodically go free. Sometimes these are free-play weekends, and you lose access to the game after the window closes. But other times, like right now, you can freely download a game that normally costs money, and it's yours to keep and play forever. A game that's free on Steam between now and October 29 is Murderous Pursuits.

Like many other games, Murderous Pursuits is all about ending the lives of your opponents. What makes it unique is that it's an online game set on a ship in the Victorian era, in which you and up to seven other players are out to stealthily kill one other. You do so while trying to blend in with the other passengers, Hitman-style.

Each player is assigned a target or "quarry," but you don't know which other players your quarry is. To find out, you must use an onscreen compass that gives you hits, telling you if you're on the same floor as your target and whether you're facing his or her direction. Your job is to remain as inconspicuous as the NPCs while you find a weapon and zero in on your target. You have to be careful because you're someone else's quarry, so you need to keep a lookout for the person stalking you.

Source: GameSpot