Sea of Thieves, the upcoming multiplayer pirate game from Rare, will have another beta this weekend. Those that had access to the first closed beta will be able to set sail again from February 16 at 10 AM GMT / 2 AM PST until February 18 10 AM GMT / 2 AM PST.

According to Rare, this second beta "is to test a lot of the work we’ve done since the closed beta, and to try and hit a higher concurrent players number than we’ve ever seen before." As a result, it has said players should expect to see sessions being interrupted, difficulty joining games at peak times over the weekend, and issues with using the in-game shop. Of course, this is all in service of ironing out the problems for its eventual release.

Additionally, the content available will be the same as that included in the previous beta. Rare said it will "purposefully be a similar feature set ... restricted to the Gold Hoarders trading company and accompanying Voyages," so it can "drive scale and test issues at a high scale of player concurrency."

For those that haven't been able to get into the beta yet, Rare said it plans on running another one closer to the launch of the game. This will provide "a taste of the wider Sea of Thieves experience."

Sea of Thieves launches on March 20 on PC and Xbox One. For those with Xbox Game Pass, Sea of Thieves will be available as part of the subscription program on day one. That gets you access to not just the Xbox One version, but the PC version as well. Special Sea of Thieves-themed Xbox One accessories will also launch alongside the game.

Source: GameSpot