Rumor Another Dead Island Game Might be Coming

The Dead Island franchise has been through a rough time. Dead Island 2 went into production hell and subsequently lost its developer, and its MOBA...
  1. Casp
    The Dead Island franchise has been through a rough time. Dead Island 2 went into production hell and subsequently lost its developer, and its MOBA spinoff was axed before a stable version was released. However, it appears there is going to be another spinoff for the Xbox One, the PS4, and PC, and it's going to be released even before the original game's sequel.

    According to the ratings board for the Australian government, a game called Dead Island: Retro Revenge was rated M for bloody violence and online interactivity. Although the details are rather vague, the application reveals that the game is being published by Koch Media, the parent company of Deep Silver, also known as the publishers behind Dead Island 2.

    With the original's faintly positive reception and Riptide's overwhelmingly lukewarm reception, it's unknown how this spinoff is going to fare. Since Dead Island 2 seems to be slowly turning into an unrealized idea, it's entirely possible that this spinoff is merely an attempted cashgrab on a flailing would-be franchise. Given its developer's lack of credits, it's difficult to determine how this will turn out. Now that the news is public, surely more information will slowly come to fruition.


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  1. zlReborn
    The dead island games where awesome cant wait for it to come out!!!!!!
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  2. 3xTiNcT
    Heard the first one was good, never heard much about the second. Maybe the next one will be good.
    1. wolf9404
      I have play dead island riptide and i love that game. For the seconds, I have see some gameplay on YouTube and it's seems good. Who knows, maybe one day di2 coming...^^
  3. wolf9404
    I want dead Island 2 not a remaster or a spin off!!
  4. Walteri
    Honestly, I tried the first one. I have some mixed feelings about it, but the opinion is leaning more towards "don't like it".
    The second one, never bothered trying. But yet I'm interested to the third one. Bring it Koch Media.
  5. PSGAndr3w
    I loved the first game, but despised the second, I could never run it, PC or Xbox. I just hope they spend more time on the game. The first needed a LOT more polish imho.
  6. AlienFreek01
    The first one I enjoyed a lot. Scratch that. I LOVED the first one. I don't know what it is, but I just enjoyed that game soooo much. And then I played it with friends, and it got 100 times better. Although it was glitchy, and it felt poorly made, that game is one of my favorites... Riptide was just awful though... Man did I dislike riptide... I really hope they make the sequel good, if they ever even make it. Every time it's brought up I Remer how old the trailer for the sequel is...
  7. Keeley Hazell
    I kinda liked the first one but I felt like it needed more. I like the concept though for sure.
  8. Vino
    I've enjoyed the concept of these games but I have always felt like they don't use their potential. It may just be me, but I would prefer more of a home base/base building focus while having to gather and use supplies and such for your character. This would be awesome, and then even layer it with a persistent multiplayer aspect where you can have a base with your friends. This would be sweet!
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  9. FrazzleFrazer
    As long as they keep the multiplayer aspect the same as the old one it will be epic!
  10. TheItalianLad
    excited! The first one was awesome I had mad memories on that back in the day.