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Announcing iOS 8 and more at WWDC


Today Apple held it's annual Worldwide Developers Conference which they're calling WWDC for short. Everyone had speculation that they may be releasing the iWatch, or SmartTV's, more details about the iPhone 6, etc. None of that was mentioned, but what was mentioned was well worth it on it's own. They announced the new iOS for iDevices, and a new OS for Macs as well as some more speculation with CarPlay. As well as basically killing off the iPhone 4, otherwise known as "my introduction to everything Apple, ever."

Announcing Apples Smart-Home technology market. It will allow the user to control gadgets and appliances that are connected to it through a single hub. A few examples like: the Philips lighting system, weather station, door locks, and even a baby monitor. Many more from this announcement on CNET's list. Something else to add would be Apples new health app, Apple Health. It's plan is to integrate data from anything fitness(ex. Nike) and is working with the Mayo Clinic to help paint a comprehensive picture of how their health metrics are working. This is basically a catch-up plan with Samsung, due to the release of fitness-related features with it's Galaxy S5. There will also be a release of a new Mac OSX operating system, named Yosemite, also the new iOS 8 software for iPhones and iPads will be getting a new design with one main aspect about it. An easier and better way to exchange files.

The new Mac Design will contain:

  • Yosemite. The new design will give you a new look at your notification center. Ex. Looking at your calendar and weather you have the ability to go into an advanced view.
  • You'll be able to search for content on the Computer and Internet all at once similar to a feature that came with Windows 8.1
  • Expanding of iCloud. Can sync all files with iCloud now, not just files originally designed for it.
  • A mail drop feature that will allow you to share larger files.
  • Safari will have more privacy and allow you to share links easier.
  • The update will be releasing this Fall says Apple. A version will be available to Developers Monday as well as making a version for the ones who aren't Devs this Summer.

iPhones and iPods new iOS 8 software will include:

  • Just as the Mac OS is getting, iOS 8 will be getting a universal tool to search the device and web. Will also be getting the iCloud Drive service.
  • Interactive notifications. Can respond to messages without leaving the app you're currently on.
  • New gestures. Ex. Double tapping to get a list of who you frequently talk to.
  • A "quick type" feature promises predictive typing suggestions. For example, if you start typing, "Do you want to go to," the phone will suggest "dinner" or "movie" as the next word. Currently, the suggestions are limited to spelling corrections.
  • My personal favorite: A "do not disturb" feature that will make it easier to stop notifications from incoming with just a swipe. *Getting out of those pesky group chats*
  • A "tap to talk" feature that records and sends the message to said recipient so you don't have to type.
  • The built-in Health-management tool to help track vital signs, diet and sleeping habits.
  • Software will be coming with new devices in the holiday season and will have updates for more recent models.
Both iDevices and Macs working together in some features. These include:

  • Airdrop feature will now allow you to share between iPhone and Mac.
  • A "handoff" feature that will allow you to switch devices easier. When writing an email you can finish it on the Mac and when getting a call on your iPhone, you Mac comes up with caller ID information.
  • iMessage will allow you to communicate with devices that aren't running iOS, such as from Android.
There was also a Ferrari spotted in the building, an indication that Apple will be updating its CarPlay. CarPlay is a project that was going to be embedding cars with some of the iPhone's main applications. It's goal is to have drivers control cars with voice commands, a touch on the steering well, or swipe on a display screen in the dashboard. Cars with built-in CarPlay services and radios that are compatible with CarPlay are both expected this year.

The loudest spoken thing about the announcement would have come at the end of the conference. This being that Apple revealed that they're going to be launching a brand new way of coding called "Swift." A quote from Federigh, senior VP of software engineering saying "We have a new programming language. The language is called Swift and it totally rules." In which it really sounds it. According to Apple, the language is designed to help make programming faster, easier and more secure for its developers. It's debut shot out a shockwave of positive comments. One coming from CNET's Editor at large Tim Stevens on the sites live blog. This quote being: "As a coder, I can tell ya, Swift looks impressive. Proof in the pudding, grain of salt, etc. etc. But what I just saw looks great."


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