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Animator at Naughty Dog Working on a Re-Visitation to Dante's Inferno


One part of video games I always enjoyed is concept art. Most concept art normally comes from the creators of a respective game or is produced by freelance artists aiding in the creation of a game. Going further, if one were to browse the internet for a short while, they may come across some fan-made art for a particular video game of their choosing. Usually fan-art consists of portraits of a game’s characters or perhaps even a fan-made side-story or fan-made sequel to a game. On the other side of the room so to speak, some developers will make their own unofficial artwork and display it on the Internet for the fan-base of a particular game to enjoy. Naughty Dog Senior Cinematic Animator, Tal Peleg, is taking “fan-fiction” further by currently working on a cinematic re-visitation of the game, Dante’s Inferno (released in 2010). By fulfilling accomplishments such as creating the “Joel Banderas” clip shown at least year’s VGX and handling most of the cinematic features within The Last of Us, it is likely that Peleg’s work will not disappoint.

The beginning of Peleg’s project occurred back in 2012 and is currently supposed to be released sometime this summer as a CG animated short called "Dante's Redemption." It should be noted that Peleg will be handling the animating and directing aspects of the soon-to-be animated short, perhaps solely. What some might wonder is why Peleg would go to such extent to bring about an animated-short for a game that is not exactly too well known. After all, I have only met a small amount of individuals who played the game. Possibly, the best explanation someone could come up with for Peleg’s reasoning is just simply that it is something he has a passion for. Not to mention, even if someone never played the game itself, they may see this artwork and want to play the game they may have missed out on. Above all, some speculate that Peleg’s actions are aimed directly at the fans of the game. Whatever the reason may be, the story of Dante’s Inferno is one that most can at least be intrigued by. As opposed to rambling on about how I enjoyed the game or how I love the real Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, I will let the artwork speak for itself.

The aforementioned artwork comes in the form of a trailer and a photo gallery featuring various stills from the soon-to-be video and images created for the project in general. Some notable mentions from the gallery include the second last image (created by Naughty Dog Concept Artist, John Sweeny) and the final image (created by Soa Lee, the character artist who created Tess, Bill, Marlene, and Sam in The Last of Us). I have included the trailer below and if you follow the link to my source, you will find the gallery. While Dante’s Inferno may not have been the most popular video game, it surely has left an impact. In addition to having a sequel in development, an animated film already released based on the game, and a possible live-action film in the works, now Dante’s Inferno will continue to evolve to satisfy old fans and create new ones.

If such animated shorts draw a lot of attention, perhaps other game franchises may try to create revenues in this area. So far, most are familiar with movies in-line with the Halo and Mortal Kombat franchises. Going further, the production of animated shorts such as Dante's Redemption may inspire fans to make their own storyboards in the hopes of them inspiring developers to create subsequent stories. Not to mention, such inspiring rides on a two-way street, as it is reasonable to believe that fans will equally be inspired to return in some form to one of their favorite games. All said and done, judging by the artwork currently available, Dante’s Redemption looks good enough to raise Hell. If you wish to follow along closely to the project, feel free to keep your eyes on its Facebook Page which I have linked below.

SOURCE & Gallery
Facebook Page of Dante's Redemption
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