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Angry Birds 2 Coming July 30


Earlier today, Rovio Entertainment announced that Angry Birds 2 will be released on July 30th. The sequel comes 6 years after the original game was released.

Angry Birds took mobile devices by storm when it was released back in 2009. Players loved the simple mechanics of the game that allowed for hours upon hours of fun. Since the release of Angry Birds, 11 more Angry Birds games have hit mobile devices. Although so many games were released, the overall popularity of the franchise has dwindled over the years. Rovio didn't seem to be intimidated by the decline in popularity. In fact, they even made a few spin-off games to accompany the main series. There are also a ton of other Angry Birds products that have made it to shelves, such as clothing, plush toys and other goods. There is even an Angry Birds movie in production that is scheduled to hit theaters sometime next year.

More information about Angry Birds 2 will be given to us in the weeks leading up to the release. What do you think? Did you enjoy the original Angry Birds? How do you feel about a sequel being released 6 years later? Leave your thoughts below!

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