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Among the Sleep PS4 Release Date Updated


The horror genre of video games is one that can sometimes lack originality, seen in the influx of horror games featuring Jeff the Killer. When an original and actually scary horror game comes into play, a lot of people tend to take notice and Among the Sleep was certainly no exception. It was released as a PC-exclusive back in May of 2014 as a first-person survival-horror game. In Among the Sleep, you step into the footed-pajamas of a toddler who comes across a talking stuffed bear named Teddy. The bear is a gift from the toddler's father and it accompanies the player throughout most of the game. Teddy assists the player by giving advice, emitting light in dark areas, and warning of impending danger.

This danger comes in the form of two ghastly entities that haunt the areas in which the player must traverse to progress in the game. While avoiding these ghostly figures, the player must also solve puzzles and if caught while doing so, the only option left will be to run and hide until the threat loses sight of you. The environment and monsters in the game are shown from the toddler's perspective, with the scenery in the various levels in the game being significantly larger than the player.

After releasing Among the Sleep on PC in May 2014, it was announced sometime after that they would be porting it to consoles in the future, with the PS4 getting a release date on December 10. As of today, this is no longer the case and Among the Sleep will be released in North America on December 8 with a worldwide release on December 9. Although no announcement has been made of an Xbox One release date, developer Krillbite Studio has stated that they will be announcing a release date later this month.

If you'd like to see gameplay of Among the Sleep for yourself, the developer has also announced that they will be streaming the first hour of the game on December 9 at 3PM EST. The stream will be done from the PlayStation 4 version and you will be able to register for the stream under their Twitch handle "krillbitestudio".

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