Among the Sleep Coming to PlayStation 4

Sony fans, be prepared to hide behind your sheets, as we received news about one of the most thrilling horror titles of 2014 will be coming to the...
  1. Inkd

    Sony fans, be prepared to hide behind your sheets, as we have received news about one of the most thrilling horror titles of 2014 that will be coming to the PlayStation 4. Among the Sleep, the critically acclaimed single-player, first-person, horror-adventure PC game that was released on Steam in May 2014 will be coming to the PlayStation 4 on December 10th and it may also be coming to the Xbox One later in the year. Krillbite Studio, the Norwegian development studio, created a blog post via the PlayStation website announcing their future plans for the title.

    For those who aren't really familiar with the story, you take control of a two year old child in a terrifying world, and you're being chased by a monster that appears behind or in front of you at random times. Although, you won't be going on your journey alone. Your talking Teddy Bear will be assisting you throughout the game and will help guide you towards the right direction. I won't spoil the plot for you, however, the story is really what makes this title so magnificent. It's eerie, it's shocking, and it's entertaining.

    Now, after Krillbite Studios announced their new project, the question was asked, why did it take so long to publish a console version of the game? The developers responded by saying that the title needed a lot of technical work, considering that the team moved from Unity 3 to Unity 5.2 specifically for the console version. In addition to this, the studio made multiple audio and visual improvements, and has ensured that the game will now run at 60 frames per second. How many of you will be purchasing Among the Sleep?


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  1. RiggleyWiggley
    Awesome! Cannot wait
  2. Skype
    Seems like everything is coming to PS now. Can't wait for the Xbone release.
  3. Nagato
    Inkd...... why you retire.........

    Anyways, Inkd, I shall be getting this game. The game won't be scary, though.
  4. Colytonwarrior
    I will be checking this out, sh*t your pants scary is right up my street.
    The other half doesn't like SCARY games as much but I'll be making him sit down with me to play this one, with all the lights out of course :ewww: keep him on his toes ey.:thumbsup:
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  5. Feyfolken
    Nice article, Inkd! Among the Sleep was a pretty solid game, not as scary as others but still a good play all-around. It's cool that they're making console ports, the game would definitely take off pretty well on PS4 and Xbox One.