Top of the morning to ya! This morning there is some good news for the AMD fans among you, AMD has released a Mantle demo exploring some features with the help of Oxide Games Studio.

For those of you who don’t know, the Mantle is a graphical API specification developed by AMD for use on a PC, it’s an alternative to Direct3d and OpenGL. The Mantle was created to more effectively use the GPU while using games or applications, giving you much faster draw calls. While other companies such as Nvidia or Intel may implement it in the future, it is currently unique to AMD.

The performance enhancements are not yet known fully but you can see in the demo what the Mantle does, and it does it well! In the demo you can see that it is running at 300 – 400 frames, which is rather impressive. In this demo, AMD has stated that it is “CPU bound” and that the work is being done by the processor rather than the GPU. This demo was powered by the FX 8350 which can be compared to the i7 4770K. It is possible to scale with more CPU cores.

During the space battle in the video of the demo (around the 25th minute), you will see two thousand space ships engage in combat, all of which have numerous weapons at their disposal and are totally dependent AI, according to AMD, “if developers manage to comprehend this new miracle called Mantle, then it will be revolutionary for RTS games.”

Normally CPUs are limited to 50,000 batches. This number can be increased up to and surpassing 100,000, expected to reach the 300,000 mark by 2015 and possibly up to 1 million with the right customization and the right hardware.

I think that the possibilities with this Mantle are excellent and this is certainly good news to AMD users, and all PC users interested in maxing out their gaming experience. What are your thoughts on the new AMD Mantle? You can see the demo in the video below.