Amazon Unveils Their New Prototype Drone for Prime Air

The latest prototype for Amazon Prime Air has finally been revealed. Soon you'll be able to have packages delivered to you faster than ever....
  1. God

    I’m sure a majority of everyone here has used Amazon here and there. Video games, snacks, clothes. Amazon has it all and then some. They are known for their one-stop-shop for everything you need and their wonderful customer service. As one of the leaders in providing thousands of everyday people like you and me easy access to a selection of millions of items, it’s no wonder Amazon would want to step up their shipping game. First came Amazon Prime, offering purchasers in the UK unlimited one-day and same-day shipping, while Prime members located in the US were given unlimited two-day shipping. While this is good for those of us who need packages as soon as possible, sometimes we just can’t wait one or two days. Coming soon is a solution to those problems. Welcome to Amazon Prime Air.

    Since 2013, Amazon has been trying to make this dream a reality. Amazon aims to make Prime Air the solution to our last minute shopping needs. Let’s say for instance you have a birthday party to attend. Maybe you were a little busy and forgot to purchase a gift. With the nearest store that has the gift you need too far away, Amazon will save the day. Prime Air will get the package to you in a quick 30 minutes or less. So how does it all work? Amazon plans to use drones to get the job done, they’re quick, efficient, and can deliver faster and easier than any manned vehicle can. There’s no red lights for it to stop at and no obstacles for it to overcome. All you have to do is order your item, then relax. It’s that easy.

    The Amazon Prime Air drones will only ship packages that weigh up to 5 pounds. So you won’t be having the latest flat-screen TV shipped to your house. The drones currently fly under 400 feet and weigh less than 55 pounds. In the video above, you can see that the drone is displayed at reaching a speed of up to 56 MPH. Speeds it will most likely need to attain and maintain in order to keep up with the 30 minutes or less promise. The drones will also be equipped with special technology that allows them to detect and avoid all aerial and ground obstacles that may get in its way.

    Amazon currently has over 12 Prime Air prototypes. We’ve already seen the one unveiled in 2013 and their latest one. Each one drastically different in design than the other. The first drone was a quadrocopter, while the latest drone displays VTOL abilities, and can shift from a hover mode to a plane mode in midair. A huge step from their previous prototype to say the least. Amazon claims this isn’t the final design. The drones will continue to be improved until the final version that fits their vision of efficiency and safety is created. They’re currently testing the drones in the US, UK, and Israel. Hopefully these tests will help soothe any concerns people have with drones operating over residential areas, and any conflict they may have with planes and other manned aircraft.

    Amazon hasn’t revealed when Prime Air will be released, but they’re getting closer to making this a reality. What are you thoughts on the latest Prime Air prototype? Do you prefer the current version or the previous version? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

    Prime Air

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    I feel like this will fail...
  2. K _
    You know, this seems really cool. But of course in this day and age it will turn into a bomb, or kill someone.
    Land of taken.
    Home of the cover it all up and don't say ****.
    Act like it ain't happen, cut, copy, paste it.
    It's on every channel doesn't matter if you change it.
  3. N0VA
    He looked incredibly sad to be doing that Ad.
  4. Wavy
    I smell ulterior motives.
  5. Cozy Pajama Sam
    pretty impressive but watch it be limited to like two major cities which sucks
  6. RGF
    What if I get my dog to pull it when it lands so I can sell the drone?
  7. sdkxeuifbnwios
    how do they know people wont steal it when it comes down? XD
    1. Pyroman
      Cause it has cameras on it.
  8. Acro
    This is sick
  9. tick72
    Yea ide like to see some kid shoot it down and get charged with a felony. Same thing if you point laser lights at helicopters.
  10. Art
    How exactly are they going to prevent people from shooting them down?
      NerdysMods likes this.
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    2. God
      This will pretty much be next to impossible for your average gun owner. With the first prototype sure, but this one travels at nearly 60MPH and almost 400 feet in the air. That's going to be a pretty tough target to shoot down. Now while it's landing it's going to be easy pickings. So I assume the entire Prime Air program will be limited to nice suburban areas and states with restrictions on firearms.
    3. Red58
      When its landing its probably pretty close to someone's house right? I don't think someone (with an IQ higher than Forrest Gump's) would fire their weapon while its near a neighbor's home. At least, you'd hope so.
    4. Azzza 42
      by stopping people from having guns. hence why they'll do this in the uk first