The price of Amazon Prime has not changed since the start of the service 9 years ago. Today, Amazon announced that they are increasing their price of Amazon Prime. Amazon has raised the membership price $20, making the new membership $99 a year, though the Prime Fresh membership remains at $299.

All Amazon Prime members get free 2-day shipping on many item listed on amazon. In February, Amazon was considering changing the price of their Prime membership to $119 a year. Amazon stated that the reason to the price increase is the increase in fuel and shipping costs, while reports suggest that gas prices are lower than they were last year.

Amazon explained that they will be increasing the benefits of the program, including free shipping on 19 million items. some users may be leaving their Amazon Prime membership due to the price increase, but many may ignore the price increase and continue their membership. Amazon has thousands of movies, and e-books, and that extra $20 will not stop everybody from those benefits.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have amazon prime, and if so, are you going to cancel your membership? Why or why not?