If you haven't noticed yet, Amazon are hosting a huge sale for games on the PC and also the Mac. It's said that there is over 900 titles with discount on a majority of the titles that they sell. Now seems like the perfect time to stay inside away from that blistering sun, fighting your chances at your ever-growing backlog of video games.​
I came across that the Borderlands bundle which includes Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and even the season pass for Borderlands 2 is included all for $21.99, that's nearly 80% off the original price, which is simply extraordinary in my opinion. Other deals that may spark your interest include Assassins Creed III for $13.31 with a total saving of $26.68, and you can also pick up a digital download of FIFA 13 at a great price of $9.99.​
The sale doesn't stop there, Amazon are also promoting Indie developers by offering us a great collection of indie games at a low price. But again it doesn't stop there, Amazon are giving us three free Indie games when we purchase one, these are SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance, Major Mayhem, and Cell HD: Emergence.​
If you're a PC or a Mac gamer I highly suggest that you check out Amazon before the 14th of July and pick up deals whilst you can. There is some older games, which you can pick up for as much as $5. It's times like these I wish I was a PC gamer.​
So is anybody interested in any of the games which are included in the sale? If so what ones?​