Not too terribly long ago, most of us were immensely disappointed when we heard that Konami had slaughtered its Silent Hill remake along with its Playable Trailer (P.T.). However, we all expected that sooner or later, someone would develop a title with a similar plot and gameplay mechanics. UK based developer Lilitch, is creating a game entitled Allison Road, which if you watch the gameplay trailer, is obviously based upon Konami's P.T. demo. Allison Road is only in the early development stages, however screenshots of the upcoming horror title look absolutely chilling. Between the graphics and the gameplay mechanics, it looks almost identical to the original P.T. demo, with a slight twist. Check out the 13-minute HD gameplay trailer below for a better look at Allison Road.

According to Lilitch, the protagonist wakes up with no memory. He slowly begins to notice that his surroundings are beginning to change, which eventually leads him to realize that there is someone else lurking throughout the house, something with a more sinister mindset. While both of these games have several similarities, Allison Road does differ in multiple ways. In this title, players now have more control over the protagonist. Players can now interact with their environment, and even have the ability to use a meat cleaver as a weapon. I am already particularly more fond of Allison Road than I ever was of Silent Hill. I believe the ability to interact with your surroundings draws the player even more into the game. Other than this bit of information, the game still remains a mystery.