It's Tuesday, and the latest round of PlayStation Store deals are now live on PSN for PS4, PS3, and Vita. This week's offers are comprised of several distinct sales, including one specifically for PlayStation Plus members. It primarily consists of PS2-on-PS4 Classics, dropping the price of Red Dead Revolver to $7.49, Metal Slug Anthology to $10, Bully to $7.49, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy to $17.49, and Psychonauts to $2.49, among others.

Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 drops to $30 for all PSN members, with its various bundles--which come with the game and GTA Online currency--also discounted by 50-55 percent.

A sale on titles from publisher 505 Games also brings discounts for everyone. On PS4, Terraria drops to $6 ($3.74 on PS3), Abzu to $8, Defense Grid 2 to $1.49, Adrift to $5, and Sniper Elite 3 to $10.49.

Other deals not confined to any specific sale include Persona 4 Golden on Vita for $15, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir for $30 (PS3)/$24 (Vita), and Demon's Souls on PS3 for $10.

Last week's sale on EA games continues with the same offers, dropping Titanfall 2 to $24, Battlefield 1 to $30, Mirror's Edge Catalyst to $10, and Dragon Age: Inquisition's Game of the Year Edition to $20 (or $16 with PlayStation Plus, one of the few additional discounts for Plus members in the EA sale).

Source: GameSpot