With an upcoming potential deal between Comcast and EA, changes could be made so that you can purchase games in the same manner as how you order Pay-Per-View movies to stream onto your cable-connected Xbox One console. Using cloud connected services to do this, the Xbox One is going to be able to use titles like Madden & Fifa, and have them in the homes of Comcast subscribers in the United States. If the Comcast buy of Time Warner Cable goes through regulators, it will be the largest cable provider in the United States.

The Xbox One has been called a media console instead of one for purely gaming, and competition from the PS4 has shown that it, and PC's, get more for customers for the price and performance dealt. If they added incentives and bonus games exclusive to the aforementioned deal besides Madden, it would get more attention, but it is not past the in-progress stage. The Xbox One also has an Xbox Originals program where they will have their own content produced for people who own the console. This program reminds me of House of Cards on Netflix (their political drama), which is solely for their company.

DFC Intelligence, Expert Video Game and Entertainment Industry Research,*1 has said recently that PC gaming has a broader audience and that its outperforming the console sector overall.*2 Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV have allowed cheap access to services provided by cable companies like Comcast, but require internet access. The combination of cheap titles on the PC that are better performance & aesthetics-wise and the aforementioned media services have people wondering how the consoles will react. The Xbox One is debatably the weakest one out there given its specifications, except for the Wii U. However, Microsoft is going to release a DirectX 12 Update around holiday 2015 which will double the performance*3 the X1 is at now and will help CPU Utilization by 50%.*4

Will all of these factors affect your choice on what console you buy? Do you think it will effect the market as a whole or will it be an option you will skip over?

"DFC Intelligence began covering the industry in 1993 and published our first report in 1995.
DFC Intelligence specializes in market research and strategic analysis of issues in the worldwide PC game, video game, online game and multimedia industries. Our reports include historical analysis and trends, 5-year scenario-based forecasting, company profiles, insights, opinions and detailed sector analysis. We also offer custom data services that provide regular updates, database access and custom data visualization tools."