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A Treat For Hardcore Retro-Gamers


With summer days at my own disposal, I like to bust out some of my old gaming consoles to experience some nostalgia. In fact, I particularly enjoy playing games that were popular before my time to get a small taste of what “the good old days” were like. While most retro gamers usually go hunting at garage sales and flea markets to search for classic games, others may begin renting these old treasures instead of buying them. A subscription-based rental service for retro games known as "RetroScribe" may be the next big thing for retro gamers. Although the idea of paying hard-earned money to rent older games may sound strange to some, RetroScribe may in fact be “a dream come true” for the right target audience.

In short, RetroScribe works similarly to the functions of the popular Gamefly game-rental service. Currently, the organization is renting out games for the NES, SNES, N64 and Genesis consoles with roughly 30 to 40 games per console in stock. RetroScribe’s current packages of services range in prices from $12.99 per month to $34.99 with one game out at a time and four games out at a time respectively. Because subscribers can hang onto these games as long as they want, there are no late fees. Additionally, there are no shipping fees to be dealt with when using this service. It should be noted, however, if a member has multiple games out in their possession, all of the games must be sent back to the RetroScribe at the same time.

Perhaps what most sets RetroScribe out as a decent service is their given guarantee that whenever a member is ready for a new shipment of games, at least one of the top three desired-games included on said member’s queue will be included in the new shipment. If one of those three games is not included in the shipment, that user will receive a free month of service. What most would reasonably imagine is that RetroScribe probably just rents out common older games that most people can come across with little effort. The fact of the matter is that RetroScribe includes a fairly wide variety in its inventory including games that may be particularly difficult to find. Additionally, the service offers the purchase of consoles and accessories should anyone wish to open up a new experience to retro gaming altogether or to reclaim a console that they should have never let go of in the first place.

While I admit RetroScribe seems to be an interesting idea, I am skeptical as to how many individuals will take up the service. I feel like most hardcore retro gamers also like to buy & collect these old treasures as opposed to just renting them and sending them back to a company. Then again, there is more likely than not a fair amount of individuals who may not have easy access to retro games (especially rare ones) who may be more than eager to take advantage of the offer. While I feel that the service is too steep for my blood, some of the games that are in stock are causing me to be tempted to try out the service. For a limited time, Retroscribe is offering a one-month one-game free trial. Feel free to check out RetroScribe’s site, which I have linked below.

RetroScribe's Site
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I started writing articles for the homepage in 2014. My favorite articles to write were articles which collectively are known as my retrospective series, "Let's Go Retro." After roughly 20 articles of mine were promoted in one month, I was given the position of "Writer." I wrote for awhile, eventually became a Diet Moderator, and later became a Super Moderator. I still enjoy to write and will put out an article on occasion when i have time. Nowadays, my time is very limited due to studies.


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