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A Resident Evil 2 Remake Is in the Works

Although it was already known for some time that a Resident Evil 2 remake was being created, no new information had come forth about the game for...
  1. Thelema
    Resident Evil 2, a survival horror game that’s listed among the best games in the world, is set to get a remake that will recapture the spirit of the original 1998 classic. Yes, the remake was announced last year, but not much else has been said since then. Until now, that is. In an interview with VideoGamer, a website focused on video game journalism, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi who is a producer at Capcom, said that development is progressing on the remake of the cult classic. Hirabayashi, who worked on the first Resident Evil remake mentioned that it was an "incredible learning experience" for him, as the GameCube remake was his first project at Capcom. Hirabayashi is confident he and his team can recapture the feeling of the original, and assures us that everyone at Capcom is working hard to make sure fans are satisfied with the finished product.

    While Hirabayashi mentioned that Resident Evil 6 has helped towards the creation of the remake, he failed to reveal whether or not the game will use the original fixed camera angles or adopt the later third-person view from more recent titles. Hirabayashi goes on to say:
    With that said, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi seems to know what the fans want, and which direction the game should go in. All in all this is great news for the Resident Evil series, in what could be the start of a new path going forward. There is currently no set release date or confirmed platforms, but we can expect to hear more regarding that at E3 later this year.


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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Would rather play the original
    1. oblivioncth
      The original was an excellent game. But I do have to say I thought they did a fantastic job with the RE 1 remake. I still technically like the original better (it's my favorite one) but barely. The remake is a fantastic game in my eyes too. If they manage to do the same with this I'll be really helpful, but a lot of time has passed since the first remake so I worry they will take a completely different approach that will suck :frown:
  2. televisedfool
    Hopefully they don't screw it up.. 2nd game was the best one behind 4 in my opinion.
    1. zlReborn
      True... But in my opinion Resident Evil 5 was the best.
  3. zlReborn
    Resident Evil 2... Well this should be awesome
  4. oblivioncth
    I hope that statement about learning from RE 6 meant he learned about how much of a mistake it was.
  5. Jet1337
    They did an awesome job with the RE1 remake. Can't wait to see what they change.
  6. XxCrazyPersonxX
    A speed run with hd graphics would make my day. This is still my favorite from the series and I hope they dont stray to far from the original. Nice article thanks for the update.
      JoinTheResistance and Thelema like this.