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Rumor A New Xbox One Might Be on the Way

A screenshot was shared on the NeoGAF forums from Chinese social media site Weibo and users went to work translating it. The notes describe it as...
  1. Lulu
    An interesting screenshot made its way onto the Internet today, and may provide more substantial evidence that Microsoft and Xbox are planning to deliver a new console to go along with the rumored PlayStation 4.5 and the confirmed Nintendo NX. The screenshot, originally posted on the Chinese social media site Weibo, would suggest that a new Xbox One, referred to here as the "XBOX One Two," entered mass production in February earlier this year.

    The screenshot was shared on the NeoGAF forums and users went to work translating it. The notes describe it as the "second generation" of the Xbox One and some of the hardware specifications are also shown in the leaked image.

    This leak comes after Xbox head Phil Spencer hinted at possible hardware upgrades to the Xbox One earlier this year, although he later retracted this statement. The leak also follows another recent rumor that reportedly leaked some FCC filings from Xbox while they were testing new hardware, which the FCC did approve and file. NeoGAF user ekim, who also shared the leaked image today on NeoGAF forums, documented the FCC filings and found that a non-disclosure agreement would expire on June 25 which may very well end up being a surprise release at E3.

    It's looking more and more like the Xbox One Slim, or something like it, will be rearing its head sometime this year.

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  1. 50 Pence
    What I'm pissed about is the xbox one is barely functional online lol but there gonna bring out 2.5's and ****.
    1. Lulu
      This was a rumor at the time it was posted (April). They confirmed the Slim and it releases on August 2; I just wrote about the announcement. Just thought I'd let you know since you commented on this old article. :tongue:

      As for Xbox functionality, I don't play mine so I wouldn't know. I'm sure they must do right by a lot of people to be so successful, though.
      50 Pence likes this.
    2. 50 Pence
      Yeah for some people there fine but mines always saying Game took too long to start error, my internets ****** on the xb1 but fine on other console's, apps randomly close, disc don't read sometimes perfect working order too turns off sometimes randomly or just stupid stuff and it works though I've had it checked a few times too they said its fine
  2. Kasub
    I wonder which one they'll figure out how to mod first.
  3. crimson_med
    Really a shame if they do that I already think ps4.5 is a bas move from Sony cause upgraded hardware consoles in the past have never done well
  4. Limpor
    I've never even considered PC gaming......... Until now!
  5. xJet Gaming
    Xbox one two? I hope they call it something else lol.
  6. Tfsfan
    It will fail, as it's predecessor before it.
  7. RGF
    "Xbox One Two". Seven years later: " Xbox One Two Three Four Five"
      BattleBuddy and HowAmI like this.
  8. npezzer82
    Wow Xbox will turn into a iPhone and a new one will be out every year
      HowAmI likes this.
  9. TheItalianLad
    I think Microsoft should forget about a slim or a 2.5 and just focus completely on their next xbox which would be released id assume in like 2019 or 2020.

    If they start working on it now, they can make such a powerful system and totally smash sony into bits with their next console. MS have the capability to do more than we've all seen, they just need to figure it out and once they do they will win the console market.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Lulu
    3. TheItalianLad
      Razor sean I wasn't talking about the ps4 mate. I'm saying that if they forget about the past and focus almost entirely on developing a new console, the hardware would be outstanding. Microsoft's potential is much higher than Sony's and it's just a matter of time until the public get to see that.

      And at the same time of this MS should stay up to date with the X1, give us more exclusives, better software and hardware overtime and listen to the fans. It will turn out good I believe.
    4. Razor sean
      Haha ok. Yes I know you weren't talking about PS4, but I brought it up because it's Xbox Ones current competitor, which Microsoft is losing to. However, I don't understand what bigger 'potential' you see in Microsoft than Sony lmfao. The only time the public saw their true potential was the xbox 360 days, that was their best console, and arguably the best console for that generation, but that is over.
      TheItalianLad likes this.
  10. PrayerZero
    I'm kinda miffed at the idea of 2.5 consoles. Why put them out instead of incorporating them to the next big thing. I finally caved and bought my ps4 6 months ago and this kinda was a damnit moment. I mean we had a 10 year run with previous consoles I at least expected to have it be the top of the line for 5 years. But I'll pass on the Xbox one two? And snag a one when the price drops hard. Just because games that are going to be released will be released for both. But also Sony is in financial trouble from what I've read so it does make some sense and then with Nintendos new system Microsoft doesn't want to be left behind.
    1. Lulu
      It sure makes the prospect of switching over to PC gaming sound pretty good, yeah? :wink:

      It's partly a cash grab, in my opinion, but it also has to do with the console's hardware not being able to keep up. There's limited frame rates for a lot of higher-toll games (Fallout 4 for example) and they come under a lot of fire for that. The PS4.5 is rumored to have some graphical updates to its hardware to be able to support more games at a higher frame rate or quality. We won't know if this potentially new Xbox One will also sport new hardware, but it might just have to.
      PrayerZero likes this.