Aren’t we supposed to be going for the 2DS XL now?

Despite launching the superior New Nintendo 2DS XL last week, Nintendo announced that a special-edition version of its younger brother, the Nintendo 2DS, is heading to retail next month. A bundle with a red-and-white handheld and New Super Mario Bros. 2 is heading to stores on Aug. 25.

The $79.99 set costs the same as a Nintendo 2DS on its own, not that you can generally pick up one of the handhelds by itself; typically, the standard red or blue systems come with Mario Kart 7 packaged in.

It may seem slightly confusing to consumers that Nintendo’s got this new bundle on its way, especially now that the New Nintendo 2DS XL is here. The New Nintendo 2DS XL has the same capabilities as the New Nintendo 3DS, save the 3D functionality. That means there’s a better processor onboard, as well as built-in amiibo support. Most notably, it’s got a clamshell design — something the Nintendo 2DS sorely lacks.

But for those who want to get into the ever-expanding Nintendo 3DS family, the Nintendo 2DS remains a good budget option. Plus, we’re super into this new color scheme, which mimics Nintendo’s own red and white branding.

Source: Polygon