My first review on here comes with a very happy heart, as it's regarding Square Enix's newly Remastered Final Fantasy X/X-2. It's been a long time coming for this one, and it's finally arrived after numerous release date changes. It was officially released March 18th. There are tons of interesting new features to this Remaster, and it does not disappoint.


Obviously one of the main reasons to be looking at this game is the beautifully, and newly rendered graphics. The HD is simply stunning. A closer look reveals that not only was the gameplay's visuals strengthened, but the CGI parts of the game were as well. Everything from the foliage to the buildings have been redesigned. There's only so much words can review when it comes to this aspect of the review...so let's take a closer look!





There actually have been some adjustments to the soundtrack this time around, much of the background music being over-hauled. Don't worry, classics like "To Zanarkand," have not been altered! (I was happy to hear this familiar untouched song myself). You will notice however that in many scenarios the music favors more refined instrumental music, focusing more on particular instruments that cater to particular areas. The soundtrack to X-2 however has remained the same.


You might ask yourself what could possible change in the gameplay when it comes to a Remaster...but you'll be happy to know that there actually have been a few nice additions that enrich this game's already fantastic gameplay.

For starters, much of the content that was previously unattainable in the U.S. versions of the game is finally included in this release. Everything from the addition of the Dark Aeons and Penance, to the more finely tuned Sphere Grid (Leveling System). As for X-2, a few more jobs were added to the dresspheres side of the game, as well as a Creature Creator mini game, that proves to add another fun element to this already great game.

All in all, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is a fantastically and beautifully recreated game, that should entice both old and new gamers alike, and the sheer amount of gameplay time between the two games (Easily over 100 hours) should keep your attention, despite it's classic grinding style.